What build is better?

I’m using the first build now, but I need the forrage of B!Sword, and noone with that sword come for me, so i’m asking me if I should use this build on the time that I wait for that forder
Or continue using the actual build

Extra: He have all habilities learned now

First build for sure

Just don’t use Brave Sword


Second this.

I’ve been told by a few knowledgeable users that Brave Sword Black Knight is not that great of a build, so if you are wanting a build for efficiency then you might not want to use Brave Sword builds.

TMFM the truth speaker.

Brave sword is to use better his build with bold fighter+DB4+Sturdy impact 2, with that I have a powerfull PP, but with the other I obtain a better Enemy Phase

With the First Build, You should ditch Alondite for Wo dao for more Black Luna Damage.

With the 2nd build, It’s… weird, since you have a 30% HP gap where both Brazen and Vengeful will work, and that’s KINDA inconsistent. if full on Enemy phase then some other skill is better, like Stances or Fortress def/res.

The first one is “better” cause it’s more consistent.

Then the first build??


Well I have my answer now, thanks