What C Skill and Seal for Bike?

I’m not a big fan of the Threaten Skills, so what would be a good C Skill and Seal for him? He’ll be an “ENEMY PHASE” baiter for Aether Raids

Atk Smoke for C

Quick Riposte for S, but this is very flexible depending on your team support


Actually, that’s a good suggestion :3


If you go full premium skills with him, I would go with pulse smoke but atk smoke is fine for a more budget option.


I mean… not like special’s really deal much damage to him outside of AoE special’s and Altina

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Brave Ike is a nice choice :feh_birbpeek:
Atk Smoke & QR is standard for him, like TMFM suggested.
Since you already have Null C, I don’t really have many other suggestions for you, as that helps a lot with healers.

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