What C skill do I give Byleth?

I’d give her Atk Opening but it’s way too expensive.

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Probably just the default

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I’d keep her default C skill.

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As the others said, her default C skill is fine.
Tip: Attack Opening is something you give to support units. It will not activate on the unit with the skill. If the unit with Attack Opening has the highest Attack on the team, the skill will target the second highest Attack unit.


I know but I have multiple high attack units

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The problem is that Waves are inconsistent. I want something consistent.

C-Skills are usually to support units and we don’t know your team so it’s kinda hard to pick one

The F!Celica prefers to be left alone.

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Put an odd atk wave on the team? (On Celica I guess)

Opening skill’s are probably even more inconsistent than wave skill’s, unless all you other allies all have the same attack it’s only going to 1 unit… I mean if your team is based around supporting that 1 unit then it’s good but other than that it’s rather bad and tactics/wave skills are better off

Your team has no balance
A Reinhardt and an Idunn can kill your entire team

Sees Idunn You rang?

To all you laughing at my team composition:
F!Celica laughs in over 60 attack with her buffs, Myrhh laughs in Armor March, Surtr laughs in Sinmara, and F!Byleth laughs in Creator Sword

And I laugh in Ophelia


And I laugh in Oboro

And this guy laughs, too:

:point_up:that’s not fair lol

Oh my God what the hell is that.

She’s using the Rouse, which is the main reason she hates people.

I got the idea of giving him Bonus Doubler after seeing another user on here, messing around on the unit builder (i can’t find the original post), and I didn’t know what it did, so I looked it up and… FUCK…

Not only does do the link skills give him Atk/Spd/Def/Res+6 when swapped or Repositioned, he also gets an additional Atk/Spd/Def/Res+6 DURING COMBAT. It’s ingenious! He got it from Nah (a perfect IV Nah, but I’m wasn’t gonna use her), and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, because damn… I just don’t know what C Skill to give him, so I stuck Distant Guard on him, to make my Winter Fae even more of a wall, since what I do is:

For Reinhardt and Legendary Azura bait:

Move Odin into their range, and swap him with Fae.