What can I do to make my Pokemon stronger? I cannot get past Challenge Acerola & Phoebe & Agatha

I cannot defeat the middle one (I forgot name) But the rest are easy peasy. I am currently using Cynthia, Player + Solgaleo and Rosa. (Cynthia has all moves acquired, no passive skill. Player + Solgaleo only has Bright As The Sun not learned yet and no Passive Skill. Rosa has all moves acquired but no Passive Skill.) Strength currently is 13810 and I need suggestions for what levels are recommended. (Cynthia: Level 70, Player + Solgaleo: Level 55, and Rosa: Level 72.) I also need to reach 17,600 for the Story Event ‘Two Champions’ for the Co-Op Very Hard level.

For starters, I’d say farm more materials and get levels and skills. Solgaleo’s Passive and Support active are good skills, so you might need that on that setup, as Rosa already handles Sp. Atk for Focus Blast and bar replenish. (I’ll check later in-game for this level).
Do you have anymore 5*'s, btw?

If you mean Challenge Acerola and Pheobe and Agatha, then I suggest you focus on type advantages. The middle guy is weak to Ice so get Pryce or someone else.

Yes, I forgot I had Phoebe but it’s level 1. There is Brendan, Karen,Blue, Kris and Grimsley, all are level 1 oof.

You have great ones!
But I believe what you have will suffice, though, I would second what TheKyogre said. Probably level up a super-effective pair , unless you’re like me who did almost everything with my Reuniclus and Rosa combo. :laughing:

I am actually trying to Defeat Lear and I am using 'Hau (Raichu), Rosa (Serperior) and Phoebe rn xD. THE UMBREON IS MY MAIN NEMESIS!!! i am trying to level up sync pairs. p.s it used alot of my battery and now I am charging it (most powerful strength i have is solgaleo, cynthia (level 85 i think?) and rosa (serperior) (yes i need help with defeating them because umbreon makes me fail alot and i was able to defeat the big tough guy easily and lear too I guess, BUT umbreon is REAL HARD

He’s weak to Fighting, right? Fortunately Lucario is a very strong fighting type Pokemon in the game, so I suggest you power it up to higher levels.

I unfortunately don’t remember how I beat this stage twice, I guess you could win through brute force and use strong units at max lvl to beat the stage as well. That’s all the advice I have

cries in existence

Get the Umbreon right after Honchkrow. Lear’s Staraptor should be left last because of his massive move gauge consumption. And as @Ruxbon said, Lucario is a great F2P option.

True, but the Potion effect is the problem. My strongest move to defeat that dude is to spam Discharge using Hau (nvm defeated em)

I had already maxed out my Lucario’s level, and I had Rosa and Lance to help in crease my move gauge. Just focus on Umbreon, then take out Staraptor.