What can I get for my Poison Fang Venomoth?

(First of all, sorry if my english is quite bad)
Some days ago, one dude ask my group of friends, “any one here played PoGo in 2016?” and I said “yes” beacuse im the only one that played PoGo in 2016 of all my friends and the person ask me if I have a Poison Fang Venomoth and casually I have one. And he wants to a PvP tournament of my city.
And my question is. What can I ask for my Venomoth with legacy move? I don´t want to do PvP, actually I´m only intersted in Gyms and Raids. The guy offered my a Unown but I don´t want rare s*it, I prefer strongest things like SB Mewtwo (beacuse I played PoGo only 2 months in 2016 and I comeback to PoGo 2 months ago).
What can I ask or what is the minimum that I can get for my Venomoth?

Completely depends on what you want. If you want a ShB Mewtwo really bad, of course you can ask for one.

Metagross with Meteor Mash. It is an essential gym attacker (like Machamp), the second-best gym defender (after Blissey) and a top counter to several legendaries (including Terrakion, Kyurem and Xerneas in the nest two generations).

Mewtwo with Shadow Ball requires a special trade and Rare Candy to power up (in contrast, you can buddy walk the Metagross and hatch more Beldums).

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If you want a somewhat less unfair trade, maybe go for an Outrage Salamence or Smack Down Tyranitar. Both the best non-legendary attackers for the respective type, and both are Community Day moves.

Also note that if you keep playing longer than two months this time (that’s not a dig, it’s something you alone are qualified to judge), when the roundup CD comes in December, if it’s anything like the last one, you’ll be able to get all the special moves. With twice as many pokemon, they may or may not do them all again, but that window has good chance of opening again in December.

(Personally, I hatched a perfect Beldum while on vacation, and it will have little value unless I can evolve it to Meteor Mash, so I’m hoping they open up all CD moves again. Also would appreciate another shot at SD Ttar and HC Swampert, but that’s a function of my particular pokemon collection, YMMV.)

I would personally offer multiple shinies/legacy mons/legendaries for someone with a Poison Fang Venomoth. In fact, if you haven’t already traded it, I’d be receptive to talking trades with you about it.

I am rather (borderline) obssessed with PvP though, and I’m also huge into legacy mons. If someone else isn’t, they’d clearly be wanting to offer a lot less.

Really depends.

I wouldn’t give away a legacy venomoth, even if I don’t use it at the moment. It’s extremely rare, you don’t even imagine. Also, it probably won’t return, and that is what makes it so special.
Legendaries appear in raids, they return often.
Shinies can be found in the wild, and there is nothing special in them other than fancy colors.
CD are the most valuable, but even then is easy to assume MM metagross and SD tyra are going to return someday (december windows perhaps). Also, there is a big chance the reroll will end up giving you a tyra with undesirable IV’s, you better wait for a lucky trade at least.
I shoudln’t get rid of legacy venomoth, you don’t PvP now, but who knows.
But, if you still wan’t to trade, you can ask for CD mons or double attack legendaries perhaps. I would give them for a poison fang venomoth

Depends kinda on your local community… If it’s really into PVP and the Silph Cup format… I wouldn’t take anything less tha a maxed out Legacy Mewtwo and a Maxed out Legacy Moltres … I would start the negotiations with wanting double charged moves unlocked and work my way down from there … If PVP wasn’t a thing in my local community I would ask for either a Shadow Claw Gengar, Shadow Ball Mewtwo, or a sky attack Moltres and some sort of shiny, frankly I wouldn’t take less than that I don’t see a poison Fang Venomoth loosing its value any time soon…