What CE do you have ZERO copies of that you would trade a Rare Prism for?

I know some people/accounts take forever to roll some of the best gacha CEs and was thinking about this earlier.

Some make such a dramatic difference in strategies, I figured the topic could be fun.

You have ZERO copies of the CE in question. This isn’t about the one you couldn’t MLB.

glaring at my 4 copies of KoM :fgo_nitosheets:

Black grail. Seriously none in getting close to 3 years


Summer Little. I just happen to appreciate the fine arts, ok? :fgo_casgilworry:
Also, I felt just rolling for that CE would have been a terrible idea


Black Grail, definitely Black Grail. I want to see big meme damage :fgo_buster:

I also need KScope for DSS 3T Farming, but right now Arash has me covered for W1 so not as a big of a priority


Do I get it MLB or does it have to be one by itself?

1 copy.

Poster girl. I’d trade an SSR for it, let alone a rare prism.


That’s definitely one I had in mind.

Until recently, that would have been 2030, but I happened to luck out while rolling for Okkie, I think.

The only other ones would have been old event CEs like Sumo tournament and Golden Carp, but those kinda need to be MLB.

Hm… Maybe Maid in Halloween?

Well I’m generally lucky enough that I have like 1 copy of every major 5-star CE for which one copy is good enough for it to be relevant to a degree. So I’d probably just pick something lewd despite the fact that I’ll never even look at it. The lewdest ones I don’t have are Battle Olympia and Street Choco-Maid so one of those. Of course, Nightless Rose is lewder than both of them but that one is already in the Rare Prism shop.

This is all limiting myself to current NA CEs. If I include JP CEs then there are a lot more choices to consider and idek which of them are going to be Welfares because they’re not all listed by gacha or shop.

This list might help some people:


I going Okita going for poster girl.
I suffer from success


So probably poster girl or a generical kscope

prisma cosmos or poster girl

Threads like this make me wish we could make gifts of spare CEs we don’t need, even on a limited basis.

I’m sure DW likes people crossing their fingers and dumping more SQ in hopes of scopes, BGs and the like, but I have to wonder how many people are insane enough to roll purely for the tiny chance of getting CEs.


I still waiting for my 1st copy.


I won’t post a screenshot because that would be dickish, but yeah…I’d give you an MLB if it were possible. That CE loves me for some reason, and there are only so many you need.


Raises hands for Black Grail and Poster Girl too. There’s just some setups you’re unable to do without them.


None, I have most of them, And MLB at least one of the year 1 CEs


Me that got 3 of those before Even having a imaginary element


I know exactly what you mean. Same thing happened to me. Fortunately, I did manage to get poster girl on my very last roll on that banner, but… Yeah…

…Don’t you have, like… enough of them to have MLB 2030 on every slot of your support roster?

In my case, IE really likes me for some reason. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m burning them for MP or creating CE bombs with them…