What Character(from Nasuverse) did you dislike/hate at first but soon grew to like or at least enjoy/appreciate?

I’m not sure if this question’s been explored/talked about on here but I will give it a go:

I’m going to start with five or so.

1. Kirei Kotomine

In the beginning, I didn’t care for him. I did watch fate/stay night 2006 and then UBW; and in total honesty, he didn’t really give much a impression either way. However I didn’t appreciate that he murdered Cú Chulainn. Then I watched Fate/Zero. Fate/Zero changed it a little; I liked the character development that he had during Zero. He’s not my favorite, not even close; but I have come to appreciate his character after watching both Zero & Heaven’s Feel. SO ~ YOROKOBE.

2. Shirou


In the beginning, I didn’t like him. He’s a tragic character who wants to save the world and be a hero. That kind of story seemed familiar, and Shirou felt like any other protagonist in the many books I’ve read or the many shows I’ve watched in the past. Personally, I didn’t really like Shirou in fate/stay night or UBW. I guess he’s liked more to VN readers where you spend hours upon hours within his head; learning about his ideology and his reasoning for the things that he does. If you are mostly anime-only, like I was in the beginning; he came off as kind of having a “big dumb hero mode”, as Rin puts it in UBW Abridged. Once I watched Oath under Snow however;

Oath Under Snow Spoiler I guess

I soon understood the character better, and he became a interesting protagonist, and a type of dark hero(since he gave up on his ideals for Miyu). By giving up his “hero of justice” ideal, he became a much more well-rounded character and dynamic and developing protagonist; unlike what I thought he was back in the main timeline especially in FSN, where he seemed very static and unchanging to me.

This ultimately caused me to better understand his character and really see the worth of his development as well. Not my favorite protagonist, but an interesting one nonetheless.

3. Sakura

In the beginning, I’ll admit I didn’t really care for her. In FSN and UBW she didn’t do much, and that’s understandable because that wasn’t her route. When I followed those two with Fate/Zero, I just saw her like I saw Shirou. A broken, tragic character. Then I followed it with Heaven’s feel.

Heaven's Feel Spoilers

In Heaven’s feel, she got much-needed development. You begin to see her as more then just a girl full of worms. More then just a tragic character. She’s more than meets the eye (tRaNsForMeRs lol I’m so sorry and your all welcome). Anyways, she became a rounded and dynamic character that I appreciate. My favorite role Sakura’s done is her role in Oath Under Snow. Especially when she saved Shirou by giving the archer card to him. I literally cried when she died in Oath Under Snow. In both Oath Under Snow and Heaven’s feel, they gave her such a powerful personality(even in Oath Under Snow when she wasn’t a true main character) they worded and made her such an interesting character and a truly heartwarming one to watch. Truly heartwarming.(besides the fact in HF she murders a lot of people including Gil :fgo_bbsmile:

4. Gil

In the beginning, I didn’t like Gil. I disliked the his personality especially in FSN, and especially how he acted towards Saber. I just personally didn’t like how he was written there. In UBW, I found his character more interesting, when he talked about human malevolence and whatnot. In F/Z however, I grew to like his “Archer persona”. I thought he was kind of funny, and his talks were hmm how do I put it? well his talks with Kirei were both interesting and a tad suggestive(Gil placed the wine glass over Kirei’s crotch lol) - (yes, don’t you lie to me ~ I know some of you are Gil x Kirei fans I see straight through you :fgo_gilfrown: ).
A n y w a y s . . .

Then we got to Babylonia . . . and I’ll admit I cried when he got laser-sniped. I really liked him as a character. and I liked how they portrayed his character. He was so amazing that he almost made Ritsuka and Mash seem like side characters. I overall enjoyed his character development and that show made me declare that Cas Gil is best girl.

Also, In Fate/Extra CCC, it actually made my opinion of the more “Archer-ish persona” even though he wasn’t classified in a class, I just like his many unique and interesting conversations with Hakuno. CCC localization plz???

Just to add, I then went on to read the “Epic of Gilgamesh” because I wanted to read about the actual hero, not just learning about him through fate lore(though I did read the wiki lots of times as well). I did enjoy that story overall, and it made him a very interesting character, and at sometimes; even likable. In that story, there is a lot of “unlikable parts” about his character, but I did like his “character development”. I wouldn’t say I totally agree with how he’s portrayed in fate, but I like him now nonetheless.

Yorokobe zasshu :)

5. Illya


I know, I’m doing a lot of FSN people but I wanted to talk about Illya for a second.

In FSN, I didn’t think much of her. Sure she killed Shinji(Wakame Abuse??), but everyone kills Shinji ngl. At first I thought of her as a small child(even though she’s like 18). Anyways, when I got to the end of FSN, I didn’t think much of her. In UBW, she didn’t get much development. She had (2) fights, and she died pretty tragically. Then her heart was ripped out by the guy I’d like to dub, “the strange, blond foreigner”. Then her heart was put into Wakame. Though her bond with Hercules was super sweet, I also wished that was explored more in the early parts of the show, because I did enjoy their master-servant relationship. Then I watched Zero, and I’ll admit Fate/Zero episode 24 in the part where Kiritsugu was in the grail made me cry. I watched it first in dub(dub’s pretty good so and I speak English), and Iri’s screaming “Illya!! Illya!! Why?? My Love, you’ve killed our Illya!!” made me cry really hard.

Heaven's Feel Spoilers

Then came Heaven’s feel. I loved her in Heaven’s feel. I loved her actually being a sibling to Shirou. I loved her taking responsibility and saying to Shirou “I’m your big sister, Shirou. Like you said, the older sibling should protect the younger. I must protect my younger brother.” Those family-bonding scenes between them made me love both characters, in fact.

6. Wakame


This one’s gonna be short lol. I didn’t like Wakame. At all. Not in FSN, definitely not in UBW(besides his major freakouts, bc those were funny). Not really in Heaven’s Feel either. He doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities, besides like the fact that his family made him this way. Shinji in Fate/Extra Last Encore(I deny that it existed but moving on), well Shinji in there is not this Shinji but personality is pretty similar. I did appreciate his character in Fate/Extra(Francis Drake made him better but you know still counts). I know he was like eight years old technically LMAO, but I liked his character. In carnival phantasm he’s just really weirdly funny in a way. Also, all those Aron Headbutt videos about Wakame, changed my view. I like him as a character(bc he’s interesting) but not as a person. I hate and despise him when I view him as a person. Bc ya know… all the things he does to Sakura & Rin, but mostly Sakura.

Aron Headbutt’s Best Wakame Vid(In my opinion) ~ scenes are a mash-up of Nasuverse things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUfquaG9tjc&t=30s

woah that was super long ngl, I spent a good hour on this lmao. I don’t ask you to read all of it, just try and comment your opinions, because I’d like to discuss this topic more.

A Saber Gif for y’all:

tenor (3)


Anyone who’s been around this forum for a while is probably well aware of my love for Tomoe.

But, when I was rolling for Musashi (naively hoping I’d get lucky) on the Shimousa banner, I wasn’t exactly pleased to have gotten two Infernos and one Paraiso instead. I wasn’t very fond of her second Ascension that was shown on the banner info announcement, and she was really crazy when you first encountered her in Shimousa. Additionally, I was struggling at the time because I had a severely under developed roster, and didn’t really have time to farm dailies for Embers.

And then I saw the scene in Shimousa where Tomoe is sane for a short period of time when she’s speaking to an elderly couple.
So, I stuck her in the backline to soak up BP for My Room lines, and started to throw embers at her when I could spare them.

And then she said this:

At this point, I started sinking as many resources into her as I could.

And since she was quickly becoming my strongest Archer, I started using her whenever I had to fight Sabers. After her bringing home numerous clutch victories for me, she had become my favorite Servant for character, design her First Ascension is the best!, and gameplay.

Now, one year and two months later, she’s Lv100 NP5 10/10/10 2k/2k fou-ed, and I’m determined that she will be Bond 10 by the end of the Quetzmas lotto so I can give the first Bond grail to her! Let’s ignore the fact that I have a handful of Servants who are already at Bond 10.

Another character would be Rider, or rather Medusa, technically.
When I first saw her in the original FSN anime, she seemed shallow, and utterly without any redeeming qualities.
A few years later, I played the FSN VN, and learned that it wasn’t her fault she came across like that; it was Shinji’s!
Then, I played Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, and she quickly became one of my favorite FSN characters.

Similar story with Cursed Arm and FGO.

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So I’ve got two really. One from FGO and one that isn’t.
We’ll start with the non-FGO one first.

I had, and still have, mixed feelings towards Kiritsugu. I liked him a little when we started Fate/Zero because I adore the interactions he had with Illya…he seemed like an amazing dad and as someone who doesn’t have the best relationship with their dad…it made me happy. Then he pulls the stunt with Diarmuid. I was with Artoria on this, and was super pissed when it happened. She would have probably won the fight without his interference and let the two knights end their competition with honor and grace as they wanted. But no. “Lancer, kill yourself.” All my rage there. It wasn’t for the fact that I liked Diarmuid, which I did…it was the shocked and heartbroken expression on Artoria’s face and her immediate blow up on Kiritsugu. So I hated him for a while…then we get the backstory and later see the struggle of his temptation by the grail…and then him finding and raising Shirou. I hated him slightly less for that. I can only imagine Artoria’s shock as she realizes the boy who summoned her, sweet and naive as he is, had friggin Kiritsugu Emiya as a father.

The FGO one…ohhhhhh this one. So pretty much everyone who has seen my posts and all that knows I’m a major Round Table nut. I’ve been this way for years. My favorite out of the knights has always been Tristan. I loved his story and loved the fact that he was a fellow musician…I did not love the fact of how he was portrayed when we first meet him in Camelot. I was friggin heartbroken to see one of the knights I saw as a hero reduced to a cold hearted murderer who just didn’t care about anyone but his own interests and would do everything he could to make others suffer. I remember when Camelot first released and I fought him…I was literally raging and I believe I told everyone that Tristan could go eff off and die. I hated his fight. I had no Single Target Sabers (Caesar wouldn’t even show up…Bedi was my first ST saber and of course I got him after Camelot) and there was only one person on my friends list that had one…that being Okita. Everyone else had Artoria, Mordred etc…so I literally fought Tristan with my own Artoria, my Mordred and my Saber Lily…I hated life. My hate got so bad that I vowed that if I ever got him I’d instantly burn him out of spite. Well…turns out he ended up being the last member of the Round Table I needed, and begrudgingly I got him with the first SR ticket. I leveled him and started working with him because I’m a completionist and STILL hated him every step of the way…
Until we got his interlude along with Bedi, Gawain and Lancelot.
I found out that he was actually very different than what I met in Camelot, that he actually was the sweet man whose legend I had grown up loving. He comes up with a wild story just to keep us at ease (Monty Python jokes for the win!) only to get cornered by the remains of his guilt in Camelot…and struggle to fight against it, calling out for us as it finally drags him under. We come find him with fire in tow (Gawain, Bedi and Lancelot come with us…Mordred hangs back as shes got a bad feeling about this) and we actually go against Camelot Tristan again…with the added bonus of Lancelot and Gawain’s gifts. So that was fun (since I took my own Lancelot, Gawain and friggin level 100 Bedivere). We manage to get Artoria herself to join the fight and she tells us to back down so that she can smack some sense into him (which hilariously she does). Tristan comes back to his senses, gets smacked by his fellow knights for scaring them and me so badly, and we all return home. My hatred was gone at this point as I realized that the monster I met in Camelot was not the Tristan I summoned and loved dearly as a girl, he’s still the melodramatic drama king the memes paint him out to be…but he’s got a heart of gold where before I was convinced he had none at all.


I at the begining used to not like Fionn, i didn’t have reasons to it, i just disliked him because all the things that the community used say(and some still saying) about him, but after i leveled him for the memes on Setsubun i started to like him.
Something similar happened to me with Stheno, not now i like her.

And with Gil…happen the oposite for me, at the begining i used to like Gilgamesh, but after entering more in Fate i started to dislike Gilgamesh more and more (exept his kid and Caster selfs, they are pretty cool)

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Im curious about what part of fate you watched/read first to like Gil, to then start disliking him. He’s kind of an ass in all of it. (edit: An ass that is enjoyable to watch i will clarify. i like watching him even if dont like him per se).
Was it him stealing a vital organ from a certain younger character?

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I begin on Fate Zero, i don’t really know why i liked Gilgamesh, why i start to dislike him? I don’t know, i guess that i got tired of his way of been with the time, wasn’t for Illya


That makes sense, getting over how bad a person he is.
Was just curious about if it was something specific or not. So i guess it wasn’t.
I can’t say i’d like him if he was real, but i do enjoy watching his shittalking at everyone.

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From my understanding, Gil is fairly ok by the end of Extra CCC.
He apparently gives up a significant portion of his treasury (40%, I think) to stay with Hakunon.

And he’s actually sorta alright in Fate/Extella.

Other than that, he’s generally an ass.

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True. He’s an enjoyable character and even though he’s still a bit of an ass in Fate Grand Order, his caster form is my favorite.

Yes, Gil is okay by the end of CCC . . but most of it he just threatens to murder you(and sometimes he does if you don’t answer him correctly).

  1. Cursed Arm and Avicebron.
    They have the same spot cause they had the same issue in my mind. They were heavily overshadowed in their debut series and not given much screentime. We never really got into Cursed Arm’s head in Heaven’s Feel since he was just Zouken’s evil lackey. Avicebron was worse just due to how crowded Apocrypha was. His screentime boils down to being introduced to him and then he sacrifices his master. FGO gives these characters MUCH needed screentime so we actually get inside their heads.

  2. Shirou
    I was introduced to Shirou from Carnival Phantasm first but it’s Carnival Phantasm, fun as hell not the most accurate in terms of characterization. My first true introduction to Shirou wasn’t even the Deen Fate/Stay Night anime, it was the Deen UBW movie, yes MOVIE. Essentially take Ufotable’s UBW series which is 13 hours plus and HEAVILY condense it to at most a two hour movie. What was a route about deconstructing an ideal hero but deciding even if the ideal is impossible, it’s beautiful enough to at least give it a try turns into a route of an idiot refusing to listen to anyone. I then decided to read the VN and while Fate Shirou annoyed me to hell and HF Shirou disgusts me. UBW Shirou was AMAZING and made me finally understand Shirou as a person.


Me it was archer/emiya of the original series. It wasn’t until I began to understand who he was and what he stood for, then I started to really like him. Fate extra ccc helped in that regard as well. Thst was years ago but its one of only characters I can think back on that I particularly couldn’t stand but ended up really liking. Most of it is just the deep writting involved with the guy that I like. The same can be said for Illya who annoyed the ever living crap out of me at first but grew to consider her one of my all time favorites. Her whole history in zero, the deep bond with herc shes a great character and I hate i at first viewed her as just an annoying little runt.

robinhood - I didn’t particularly care for him in extra and generally found him rather boring in America. It wasn’t until the summer event, I started appreciating him. Then when I started Salem he instantly became one of the best characters in that chapter. Hes funny, he’s extremely blunt and its just really hard not to like him. Idk why but he reminds me a bit of levi from AOT. Robin and circe were the stars lol

gorgon - i adore rider and ana but gorgon I just couldn’t bring myself to like. Even in babylonia anime I still didn’t.
I started paying attention to her. Her bond lines, interlude and interactions with other characters as well as her lore… My opinion drastically changed. Shes such a sad individual, its hidden behind her hatred for humanity but someone give her a hug, it might hurt but she needs one. I now feel all 3 versions of medusa deserve the world.

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I suspect we will see the same names over and over.

Shirou for sure. I absolutely despised him during the OG FSN, constantly putting himself in harm’s way and telling Seiiiba to back off. UBW redeemed him in my eyes, although I still don’t love him I guess.

Illya was also kinda annoying in FSN but then I didn’t hate her as much as Shirou. Once I learnt more about her she became a favourite.

When I first saw Luvia, I was like ‘who the ■■■■ are you? ■■■■ off!’ but then I don’t know what happened, I just realised she was actually awesome. Easily the best character in Prisma as well.


For me, it’s the fact that she ended up getting into a (physical) fight with Rin the moment they met and used a wrestling move on her, according to Hollow Ataraxia.
Even better, in the commentary of the VN, they mention the reason for this was because they had made two designs of her, one with long sleeves and one without, and loved them both so much they decided to make her a wrestling fan and have her tear her sleeves off just as an excuse to use both. :joy:


90% of the time I’m usually indifferent to characters. Outside of FGO, I used to dislike Shirou too but eventually he grew on me. As for in FGO, there are very few who I’d actually say I enjoy and care about but so far the one that I’ve grown to like from disliking is Fionn. He’s solid enough as a unit but I didn’t think much of him until I listened to his dialogue and read up on his lore. Good guy all around.

I pretty much appreciate most characters in the fate universe besides a select few. yea i didnt like Kotomine at first but i really liked his character in heavens feel, he was also good in zero. I also didnt think much of Ozzy at all but when he spooked me back in March and i got to use him i grew to like the guy much more. :fgo_nitosheets:

Dude same. I disliked him cuz of his lore with diarmuid. However, a comment one day changed my mind. It’s in Honako Green’s fionn solo video. Top comment: Fionn: Haha hey look how hard I can pee
fionn is a meme lord

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Welcome to the community!

And also same I didn’t like him because of his past with Diarmuid(Fate/Zero made me hate FIonn).

But I started playing fgo, and he’s not so bad.

Also looking him up on the wiki helped somewhat.