What characters are worth going for f2p

I started Pokémon masters and I want to know if any of the F2P characters are good such as Rosa and her snivy I also managed to pull the new Serena and skyla. Another question would be if there any good Pokémon that I could get from eggs

I’m not a master nor am I a Pokémon, but I this is probably helpful.

Beginner’s Guide to Pokemon Masters! | Pokemon Masters Wiki - GamePress

These are the top priority.
Skyla : No brainer. She’s superb healer even with only 3/5
Sycamore : Pretty much your best free tank
Hop : Your secondary tank
Giovanni & Cyrus : Very strong for stadium & gauntlet
Rosa : Good tank and still have some use for stadium and/or gauntlet

These are niche, depend on what you need
MC & Brock : Healers. Need grid.
Barry, Iris, Hau: Very strong with grid.
Misty & Erika : Good tank with grid.
Ghetsis : His typing. Reason below
Pryce & Viola : Their typing limited the good pokemon behind gacha, so you might want to raise them anyway.
Acerola : Very niche, but very important for sand team.

That’s all for the free unit I still use.(I’m f2p as well, but here since the start anyway)
As for egg pokemon, to be frank, i never use any of them except for egg event. I do want to know this as well actually.