What determines who AI will rally?

Trying to predict some AI movement and the rally is crucial. Ophelia has Rally Atk up+ and if she stands still uses on an adjacent ally, she may be danced into range from L!Azura and attack my support unit. If she moves to target an ally that is in range to attack, I should be ok. That would force her to attack my Fae after the Dance.

I think it’s prioritized by team order when the team is put together (left to right).

Edit: Left to right on the Edit Teams page, not on the map.

Hmm, I thought that theory was debunked. I tested it when AR first dropped but my memory is a bit foggy on that.

Hmm, seems to have made a difference for me on my AR defense. Confirmation bias and all that though…

I believe it is a factor, just of the lowest priority. It runs multiple checks to decide who to rally and if there is a tie on those factors, it will choose who is closer to the left of your team roster.