What did everyone get from the MB?

On my second account, In 180 orbs i got:
Free summoned Yune! (+Atk/-Hp)
Ophelia (+Hp/-Res)
B!Lyn (neutral) for F2P Guides as I don’t have 1.
Eir (+Hp/-Res)

On my first account, in 50 orbs I got:
2 Yunes! (Both +Atk, -Hp and Def)
Ophelia (+Spd/-Def)
L!Ryoma (+Res/-Atk)

I got L!Ryoma, Ophelia and Yune in one summoning session… it was absolutely crazy.

What did everyone get? Oho, I’m going to cause cancer in AR this week. Double Chaos Named…


300 orbs, only 1 Yune (-res)… But 5 freaking Kageros, I already had one. W!Cecilia would like one BF but I have no idea what to do with the rest… 2 Lewyns, at least SS is rarer still don’t know who to give it to but I would have preferred more of him over Kagero at least. And one random B!Celica, someone getting DB4 again I don’t know who cause my +10 Micaiah already has it from an extra I got a while ago.

Expecting to get either a -Atk 5 star, or nothing if I don’t manage to save up orbs.

I felt regret spending all 40 of my orbs here despite saying i wouldn’t, but then this popped up on screen. Now i have no problem leaving this banner. I still have around 60 orbs available for when Loki shows up.

Right now Im at a pity rate and I got Yune at pretty much neutral and special spiral. Which is pretty good if I say so so far. And I have all of TT, the GHB, the training tower, and a few other things to get orbs from so that may be around 80+

I mean, I can have all those Kageros if you don’t want them. lol. SS is good too.

I don’t want the Kageros at all, except the one for BF W!Cecilia. I just wanted a second Yune to fix the res bane… Lewyn I’m fine with showing up but I’m seriously annoyed by Kagero right now…

75 orbs
2 H!Mia
Had neither so it’s nice, but all three were -atk so I merged the Mias and Azura doesn’t need attack so whatever

You merged witchy oooooooooooooooooooooooo

I took that risk too and it payed off. I’ll post that image of my summoning session.

I actually got 3 Kleins so I cant say I got nothing out of colorless now that I think about it. I may have enough to +10 him actually

I free summoned a friggin 3* Nino.

WHERE’S MY FREE LEWYN?!? :tired_face::tired_face:

In the next batch :money_mouth_face:

Sad times, I was hoping I’d get L!Azura for Azura Emblem… she didn’t want to come home.

Lol, I’m not willing to spend Orbs when the only thing I want from this banner is Spiral fodder.

40 Orbs
Yune is -hp +res
I’m just so damn happy.

And the best part? I got ss4 fodder in 20 orbs on the other banner.



Giiiiive me your phone <3? ivs on Eir?

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Oh I didn’t check since I likely won’t use her, just fodder.
Though she’s +spd -res

This is a great feeling after the disaster that was the binding blade banner.

I just love that Yune is a flying tome unit without mount.
Hell just a tome res tanks fills the biggest hole in my flier emblem.

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Just with fury she ploys everyone with 43 or less res its stupid how strong that is. Also good Eir too. But you dont have witchy so you can keep the phone