What did everyone get from the MB?

Damn, DB4 food for Reinhardt; I need that for Cherche. I also just got another Ophelia on my first account. I really need L!Azura to clear content…

Got HKagero (+HP -def) and Yune (neutral).

I am super happy.
I spent all my saved 380 orbs.

What I wanted:

  • 1 Eir for aetheraids
  • n +atk Ophelia for merge
  • 1 Lewyn for special spiral fodder
  • 1 L!Lucina for collection and potential aetheraids
  • 1 halloween mia for collection

What I got:

  • +spd/-hp Eir
  • neutral L!Lucina
  • neutral H!Mia
  • +atk/-spd Yune
  • 1 L!Azura for fodder/merge
  • 2 Lewyns for fodder

and not a sinlge bartre was +atk

Man, there really needs to be a way to change book/bane! I finally got a Yune, but she’s +Res/-Atk! Damn it!

120 orbs:

H! Myrrh -SPD
Lewyn +SPD
Legendary Lucina NEUTRAL
Ophelia +ATK

Blessed RNG this time.

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H!Kagero that is either merge material or fodder IDK what I should do with her.

What is this trickery? What was the pity rate before the session? If really low, run and buy some Powerball.

55 Orbs

Got +Att L.Azura who was merged

+9 Felicia, Titania, and Clair. For some reason I haven’t pulled another copy of these 3 forever. At this point I’d be as happy pulling these as I would with a 5* lol.

So far I’ve gotten a H!Myrrh (+def/-hp), a L!Lucina (+res/-HP), a H!Kagero (neutral), B!Lyn (+HP/-spd) and a H!Mia (+def/-res). This was in about 90-ish orbs, so pretty good all things considered. Some new units and merges for old ones I like (Myrrh and Lucina)

I only want the L!Azura and save orb, but i pull B Lucina - 3 Ophelias and in like 300 orbs… i pull the L!Azura (+SPD - ATK)

Used 280 orbs and focused on red and greens.

I got Halloween Kagero (+Res/-HP) the unit I wanted the least from the five star units which where in the red and green pool and an Eir (+Atk/-HP) in the same batch.

And now I have a 11% pity rate.

At least I’m happy about my second Eir and will still summon on the banner until the rate goes back to 8% and even consider to only summon on red now because I need a better IVs Halloween Myrrh and I don’t have Brave Celica and Legendary Ryoma yet.

Red is the toughest color to summon though. Pulling red exclusively may result in an even higher pity rate. In cases like this I just pull all colors to break the rate (if possible), assume it was not meant to be, and move on.

2 L!Azuras and one Eir in 46 orbs. I done. Cold be less. Many orbs wasted in full circle.

3 focus units in 46 orbs is not could be worse, it is almost it could not be any better. My very last summoning attempt gave me 1 unit every 126 orbs, an almost 10 times more expensive experience. Lucky you!

It was straight off 8%. I was amazed too.

I think I stole it from you, sorry…

This was a weird banner for me. It’s the first legendary in a while I wasn’t looking forward too much since I was only interested on 1 seasonal (Kagero). I was ready to skip it so I used my orbs on the bunnies (got Vero and Marisa) and then on the bond skill for Hinoka. I got her with my last of my orbs. Since then I was able to save up 41 orbs.

I knew it wasn’t much, but since green looked good enough for me (didn’t had Lewyn), I tried my luck on the legendary.

40 orbs in and I now own 3 Lewyns!! One was the free pull too!!

I don’t know if I should save up orbs and try again on the last day for Kagero, or skip her now and save for LHector+WFae at the end of the month. Getting Yune would be nice and more Lewyn doesn’t hurt, but I’ll be pulling on the Halloween banner rerun for Niles, so going for Kagero too might be most cost efficient.

Any advise?