What did everyone get from the MB?

I actually want 3 Kageros cuz W!Cece actually would like Kagero’s weapon as well but she can’t get bold fighter and Bottled juice+ from the same unit.

Plus LA!Lyn would like a drinking buddy.

Gonna get Cecilia drunk? Lol

I got nothing but I just pulled on the first circle.
I would love Mia but I have really no use for B!Lyn and Eir…

400 Orbs got me:
5 Lewyns
2 Yunes
1 Kagero
1 Ophelia
1 Ryoma

I wish I could just pull for the staff. If I could pick any one weapon in the game to get the Candlelight treatment its that one. Like I dont even need Mia to be attached to it

Thats a Sonya, Lilina, Ophelia, Navarre, and a V!Ike! Good ass luck right thar I tell u hwat

Eir can be used to make tanks more cancerous in AR. I was planning on that, but it’s not light season.

I hope we will get it in the regular pool too. Its effect is so good and clearly one of the funniest weapon to use in FEH

I guess I could give it to Alm too.
If I had one :pensive:
(He’s the only character I miss from SoV, with the two Celica alts)

I know I said that I’m gonna pass on the banner but uh…" an instinct" made me go for the summons, and within 120 orbs, I got 2 Yunes, 2 Kageros, 1 Eir, 1 B!Celica and 1 L!Ryoma. It’s crazy. IVs aren’t important bcs all of em are extras, so, they’re all merged now. Except for Kageros bcs she’s BF fodder.

But Celica and Yune fodder? :frowning:

I had one B!Celica, she’s -Atk +Spd. The new one is also -Atk, +Spd. I happen to like her juuust enough to make me remove that bane. And as for Yune, -Atk, +Spd and -Def, +Spd. Haven’t merged her yet, actually. Not sure what to do.

Im not you. But if I were you I would keep the -Def copy and fodder that Sabotage B skill to my Kliff. But Im not you.

I pulled a +spd -atk Eir. Not what I wanted but meh

That’s a great idea, I’d do so as well.

If I had a Kliff, that is

Any other high res you have a B slot to kill?

Free Summon:
I Would Like A Green…

No Greens
Oh Well,Let’s Try Blue?
3* Mae

Takes Orbs And Summon On Bond Banner:
Let’s Hope For Corrin!

Summon 3 Times, 3 3*,One It’s Female Corrin
Don’t Have Anymore Orbs

Let’s Prepare For High Pity Or Dumb Pitybreaker

206 orbs

Yune +res -spd(only unit who ivs I checked)
B lucina(merged into my +def)
Ophelia(merged into my +atk)
Kagero( :expressionless:…fodder)
Lewyn (fodder)

Only thing I didn’t get that I wanted was azura since I don’t have her,but I’m back in saving mode now,so I’m done

There’s V!Titania, I guess. Micaiah already has Null C-Disrupt. And Julius. Never really did gave him a proper B skill.

Maybe save it for now I guess? Unless she’s merged its probably not best on her as her res is just ok