What did everyone get from the MB?

Yeah I’m saving her for now. -Def bane isn’t so bad.

Is it bad that I’m really tempt to fodder off the Kliff I never use for Fortress Def/Res on my +spd/-res Yune?

Edit: Also I have plenty of 5* blue mages. Micaiah, Ishtar, Tailtiu, Delthea, Linde, S!Catria, V!Soren, L’Arachel, F!Morgan, B!Ninian, Olwen (yes I prefer my +atk and LnD copy of her over Rein).

W!Cece and H!Kagero with their “Juice” bottles and LA!Lyn with her summer cocktail? Hells yeah! it’s gonna one helluva girls night! :tipping_hand_woman::cocktail:

Just need one more gal to round out the team.

Someone’s a little tipsy lol.

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As promised, I pulled only the discount reel. Unfortunately this batch is extremely underwhelming. Would you be shocked to hear I was most excited to see LASLOW of all these? I’ve wanted Axebreaker 3 for my Aversa for a long time now.

Litterally all Halloween units + Yune. I was looking for blues but blues didn’t seem to look for me.

Got an Oscar, a Fae and another Oscar… All 3* of course.
Time to return on the Bond Banner crying for no Yune/Lucina/Azura/Witchy Wand+

Was a little frustrated with the Yune Abyssal so I YOLO summoned these 2 ladies with my last orbs.

57 orbs and 2 duplicates. No H!Myrrh, L!Lucina, H!Kagero, Lewyn, or Yune. Guess I’m saving up for the Halloween rerun.

Damn, DB4 food for Reinhardt; I need that for Cherche. I also just got another Ophelia on my first account. I really need L!Azura to clear content…

Got HKagero (+HP -def) and Yune (neutral).

I am super happy.
I spent all my saved 380 orbs.

What I wanted:

  • 1 Eir for aetheraids
  • n +atk Ophelia for merge
  • 1 Lewyn for special spiral fodder
  • 1 L!Lucina for collection and potential aetheraids
  • 1 halloween mia for collection

What I got:

  • +spd/-hp Eir
  • neutral L!Lucina
  • neutral H!Mia
  • +atk/-spd Yune
  • 1 L!Azura for fodder/merge
  • 2 Lewyns for fodder

and not a sinlge bartre was +atk

Man, there really needs to be a way to change book/bane! I finally got a Yune, but she’s +Res/-Atk! Damn it!

120 orbs:

H! Myrrh -SPD
Lewyn +SPD
Legendary Lucina NEUTRAL
Ophelia +ATK

Blessed RNG this time.

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H!Kagero that is either merge material or fodder IDK what I should do with her.

What is this trickery? What was the pity rate before the session? If really low, run and buy some Powerball.

55 Orbs

Got +Att L.Azura who was merged

+9 Felicia, Titania, and Clair. For some reason I haven’t pulled another copy of these 3 forever. At this point I’d be as happy pulling these as I would with a 5* lol.

So far I’ve gotten a H!Myrrh (+def/-hp), a L!Lucina (+res/-HP), a H!Kagero (neutral), B!Lyn (+HP/-spd) and a H!Mia (+def/-res). This was in about 90-ish orbs, so pretty good all things considered. Some new units and merges for old ones I like (Myrrh and Lucina)

I only want the L!Azura and save orb, but i pull B Lucina - 3 Ophelias and in like 300 orbs… i pull the L!Azura (+SPD - ATK)

Used 280 orbs and focused on red and greens.

I got Halloween Kagero (+Res/-HP) the unit I wanted the least from the five star units which where in the red and green pool and an Eir (+Atk/-HP) in the same batch.

And now I have a 11% pity rate.

At least I’m happy about my second Eir and will still summon on the banner until the rate goes back to 8% and even consider to only summon on red now because I need a better IVs Halloween Myrrh and I don’t have Brave Celica and Legendary Ryoma yet.

Red is the toughest color to summon though. Pulling red exclusively may result in an even higher pity rate. In cases like this I just pull all colors to break the rate (if possible), assume it was not meant to be, and move on.