What did everyone get from the MB?

2 L!Azuras and one Eir in 46 orbs. I done. Cold be less. Many orbs wasted in full circle.

3 focus units in 46 orbs is not could be worse, it is almost it could not be any better. My very last summoning attempt gave me 1 unit every 126 orbs, an almost 10 times more expensive experience. Lucky you!

It was straight off 8%. I was amazed too.

I think I stole it from you, sorry…

This was a weird banner for me. It’s the first legendary in a while I wasn’t looking forward too much since I was only interested on 1 seasonal (Kagero). I was ready to skip it so I used my orbs on the bunnies (got Vero and Marisa) and then on the bond skill for Hinoka. I got her with my last of my orbs. Since then I was able to save up 41 orbs.

I knew it wasn’t much, but since green looked good enough for me (didn’t had Lewyn), I tried my luck on the legendary.

40 orbs in and I now own 3 Lewyns!! One was the free pull too!!

I don’t know if I should save up orbs and try again on the last day for Kagero, or skip her now and save for LHector+WFae at the end of the month. Getting Yune would be nice and more Lewyn doesn’t hurt, but I’ll be pulling on the Halloween banner rerun for Niles, so going for Kagero too might be most cost efficient.

Any advise?

I say go for it now. I’m also shooting for Kagero, but I’ve gotten Yune and 2 Lewynns in about 35 orbs I think. And I’m not upset, like at all. I could honestly use another Lewynn, and I imagine everyone could always use more SS fodder. If these are the only 2 I get, I’m torn between Ophelia and Sonya. L!Ike is already getting SS for sure since he’s on my main team. So yeah, I believe this is a good banner to pull green on and still walk away content.

Got pretty lucky, I’d say! L!Azura must really like me…

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Finally got this dude I’ve wanted for so long but he’s -spd +def!

angry Nino noises

Guess I’ll use a Speed +3 seal…

Holy Naga. I need your Nintendo Id and password plez.

I had 57 orbs - only going on green - all I got was a +atk Kagero. All I want is the birb.

Nothing. lol. 120 orbs. no 5 star :’(

In ~210 orbs I got:


Used another ~50 orbs to snipe for M!Grima on the other banner and ended up with nothing.

Pretty pleased with this outcome, though. I already had an Ophelia and a Lewyn, but now I can give her Special Spiral and turn her into the wrecker she’s meant to be. Didn’t have Azura or Myrrh because the RNG cursed me with L!Lyn on the Find and Vote banner. Kagero was a pleasant surprise, even with bad IVs.

In about 160 orbs I got
2 Yunes (1 neutral the other plus hp -res)
Kagero (+atk -res
Lewyn (neutral)
2 Azuras (have her at plus 6 now)
Ophelia +spd -def
Ryoma +hp -def
Eir (fodder)
Mia +spd -hp

I am noticing a banner pattern for me.
Legendary banners = Bad and Low number of Pitybreakers if I’m Lucky
Mystic Banners = Good to Amazingly high number of Pitybreakers
With 175 orbs spent (green and gray only):
Lewyn on MY FREE SUMMON! (+Spd -Atk) for Sonya or Lillina
Yune 1st Pitybreaker (+Atk -Spd)
Yune AGAIN (+Spd -Atk)
Eir (+Def -HP) for Felicia
Yune x3!!! (+Spd -Res)
Screw you Legendary banners; I am stockpiling for Mystics for now! (Unless I need fodder)
Hope your luck is as good/better than mine.

In 40 orbs i was able to get Ophelia and H!myrrh.

60 orbs, got eir, lyn and lewyn. Not what I wanted but I’m not complaining

Oh ya know the usual