What did everyone get from the MB?

Let me guess, was it Bartre?

Don’t EVER diss this man, he is worth it everytime I pull him

Nah it was a 3 star Arthur. Thought it was Fae, was wrong


An 11% rate. Haven’t pulled a 5* for a long time now. Ironically I’ve had far better luck in FGO. 8% 5* rate my butt.

The only unit I actually cared to get… A second EIR!

Same lmao

I got a random Yune missclicking the summoning banner. (Wanted to summon on Bond Skill banner but i was still sleeping and mistook the 2 banners) picked a Green orb…and…
and found a Yune +atk -def, i was like… WTF is wrong with this banner, the off focus summon strenght is so high they made me summon the mystic hero on the wrong banner?

Then i woke up… And i realised.
Well time to build again the def map for ar. (Still i don’t get how her blessing works but nevermind)

Wow, even a misconception was a lucky pull? That’s absurd.

got everything in here in about 240ish orbs?? I can’t remember

Legault wants another +10 project
Make a defense team full of +10 legaults xD

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don’t tempt me heathen

I’ll do it, I’m a madwoman


Wow. That’s an insane amount of 5*s. Also I pulled another Yune off 8%…

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I only have 42 heroes missing now, it’s super exciting

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Then there’s me missing 172 heroes…

make that 41 on a 3% pity rate

Wow :joy:. What’s her iv?

+res -def. not bad, I’m satisfied.

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She is on fire :0
Pls summon on my account and bless me with your touch xD

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Mythic/Legendaries are usually nice to me, when I pull on 3% banners I get crap. Tradition has not broken this time either, in 200-ish I got:
+Spd -HP Lewyn (YAS)
+Spd -Def Ophelia (had a +Atk which also now has SS :D)
+Spd -Def Kagero (IVs kind of crap but a good unit nonetheless)
x2 Celica (already had a +Atk -HP, one is +Spd -HP and the other is combat manual)
+Def -Spd L!Lobster (+2 merged now, still neutral IVs)
An Eir (already have a +Spd -Def so don’t really care unless it’s +Atk, which she wasn’t.)
Kagero was the only new unit for me, still need Azura and Yune is now on my wishlist, more Myrrhs would’ve been nice for merging too but alas. Might go back if I can stock some orbs. (Already did with Lewyn though, thought I was done then he showed up.)

Oof, those are some really good pulls. I’m fishing for L!Azura too, I’ve gotten two Ophelias’. She won t come home…

This time I was seriously waiting to get L!Azura, I had 150 orbs, but the game just said nope in the second banner I’m aiming for her. I got 0 blue 5 stars.