What did you ask for in the community survey?

Just kind of curious what everybody else said in their community surveys (if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a link to it on the in-game information tab).

I.e.: My favorite event was the Stories of Afternoon, I like the plot and collecting operators. As far as what I want to see that WWF collaboration with Purestream, and more fan art and cosplay events.

And BP best girl.

Anyone else wanna share anything they put in?


Favorite op: Mostima
Favorite event: ToW (best shop, best story, decent farming map, decent challenges, actually feels like a tower defense with gramophone)
Collab: every collabs that CN has
Part of AK that I like: story, lore, characters, design (most op aren’t being lewd unlike most games characters nowadays), gameplay.

Don’t stream if you’re not prepared or just add sub to JP stream that’s all I ask.
And I still want to ask why did they add the second option in this, they’re just being optimistic or they just don’t care

Lol I did think the “too slow” option was funny, but they probably just wanted to have all the options covered. I’m guessing they aren’t expecting many people to say that. There’ll always be someone though.

It’s all a matter of priorities :feh_corrinmug:



I asked for the same thing.


I did mention that their standard of judging the video contests by the number of views is biased towards anybody with an already established online presence of they choose to enter.



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Omg we really think alike ahaha, I swear I wrote exactly the same thing too :fgo_happytomoe:
Because I partecipated in the last CC video contest, but of course I had no chance. I said they should prioritize quality over quantity and give this way to less known creators more chances. Otherwise we will always have KyoStinV, Eckogen or Zeals winning the stuff just because they are already somebody :fgo_ishtarsad:


Same reason why I never bothered submitting anything as much as I wanted to. :rofl:

For someone like me, who doesn’t exactly have subscribers or even have a smidgen of an online presence in the YT community, I stand no chance at all if even a handful of moderately well-known names decide to submit something. And there’s no doubt that they will, even if the big names don’t join in. The prizes are pretty great after al.


This is why the contest being vote based is such a nothingburger. :fgo_gudako:

Why they cant have a team of judges handling this whole contest. Idk.


I wouldnt have any faith in the judges though, given that the judges would likely be Intern-kun and company. :fgo_gudako:


Fair enough.

But still better than a bugged website. :fgo_gudako: