What did you use against Galarian Weezing?

Galarian Weezing was surprisingly released pretty early, only after the day Sword and Shield came out. Being our first and only Poison-Fairy type in the franchise, this thing is strange in a good way. What did you use against it?

I used my dual Mewtwos, my dual Metagrosses, my beloved shiny Espeon, and my new Metal Claw/Drill Run Excadrill that I evolved from a high-level Drilbur.

I’m probably going to use the same team for Terrakion as well.

I just spammed Psystrike Mewtwo and MM Metagross. No variety :/

Mewtwo, ‘Zam, MetaG. I raided two, IVs suck and so do the movesets but hopefully I’ll get a really good one down the road. Itching to pull up on an opponent with that dapper fellow.

Jirachi, Legacy Alakazam (Psychic), Psystrike Mewtwo, Metagross, Excadrill, Cobalion as tank. (All maxed)

Never saw one with Overheat but it can be dealt with in 3 or 4 during a public group.

A full Mewtwo team and my brother had two Mewtwo and 4 Espeon. Gamepress guides tells this is a easy duo, but that’s not true. Not everyone had Mewtwo.

Anyone without Mewtwo or MM Metagross would find the duo difficult. Ground types have weak moves, windy weather is uncommon, and snowy weather is non-existent in some parts of the globe.

I used MM Metagross, since I only did two raids and Metagross resists everything bar Overheat.

My weather was sunny so I just LOLGG’ed it with a bunch of Groudon. In fact, we had 8 people raiding a Tackle/Sludge (???, don’t know; didn’t pay attention :sweat_smile:) moveset.

Let’s just say, my lead Groudon didn’t even faint…

Yeah. It learns Sludge. Which in GO is, like, a starter move.

They could’ve at least given it sludge bomb. Niantic also needs to add more fast moves into the game, because Galar Weezing can’t learn any of the current ones besides tackle.

I am just disappointed overall with how Pokemon are ported over from MSG! The total lack of abilities made Galatians Weezing go from career-starter for Slaking and Regigigas to just another “collectible”.

Such a shame, really.

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