What do do with Dups past Memory Imprint

So I have started getting a lot of dups past the point where the original can take them examples being Enott, Glenn and Alexa. All three heroes are devotion Level SSS but I’m still getting dips of them. What do I do with the dips is there another purpose for them or are they basically just promotion food?

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There are reputation rewards/points towards your account passives skills with Memory Chain for SSS-ing a certain amount of units so if you pulled alot of copies within a certain amount of time it wouldn’t hurt to SSS them. Foddered off SSS units will still count towards said rewards and can help with promotions, besides…

It doesn’t hurt getting free bookmarks :coffee:

I may have written what my question is wrong. Say I have a Enott with Devotion level SSS and a summon another Enott what options do I have with this new Enott that I have. I can’t Memory Imprint the devotion level SSS Enott since he’s maxed I can have 2 Enott a in a battle (believe me I’ve tried with other heroes) so what can I do with him?

You can save him up to promote a phantasma

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OK that’s what I thought but I wanted to make sure

Well, you can do several things with duplicates. Raise original character’s skill to SSS for achievements. You can save up 4-5 copies of the character, raise them to lvl 30, promote with mega phantasmas to 4 star and use them either as promotion fodder for other 4-stars or to bring up the original character to 50. You can use duplicates as (expensive) fodder to promote phntasmals. Or you can sell duplicates for silver transmit stones and buy 2 weekly molagoras with them for 15 silvers each.
Basically what you can do depends on your needs.

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