What do I do? (Poll)

I have both a Zelgius and BK. However, I’ve heard Zelgius is better, but I don’t want to get rid of BK. What do I do?

  • Keep BK, along with Zelgius
  • Send BK to a better place (Send BK home)
  • Fodder off BK
  • Build up both Zelgius and BK
  • Other (Reply Below)

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Black Knight is an easier to merge Zelgius with a few stat differences here and there, but the existence of one doesn’t invalidate the existence of the other.


Unless you keep all your orbs and wait for Zelgius banner in order to merge him, then BK is better, since he’s easier to merge, at +10 he outclasses +1-3 Zelgius. Also we got more free merges of BK than other TT units(except for “Marth”). I myself decided to merge BK and he’s now +9, he’s great and I assure you, it’s worth it.

Why would you send any 5* home.
That’s crazy talk

Just keep him in the barracks even if you don’t use him


How about my ducking Olwen, how useful is she? Catria is better with bladetome, and Rein is better with Dire thunder, so she’s just stuck in the middle with no real niche, so I just sent her home. 5* units with no niche and usefull skill fot inheritance are good feather source, so I don’t think you should keep every single one you get.

How dare you send home the magic queen of “0 X 4” ?!

First off, collection.

But Olwen might make use out of an owl tome, plus there’s the slight chance of a refine

Just field the both of them, they both have synergy together with their base skills.