What do I do with my Sirius?

I like him, but not enough to build him, and I generally dislike cavs because nobody else can keep up. Plus, I have a unit that wants Atk/Spd Solo. Problem is, I like him enough to want to keep him alive.

  • Spare him from my terrible foddering choices, but do nothing with him
  • Fodder his second-most common skill for a meme build

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Reallistically, you can make a Cavalry Galeforce team with him. Remove Lull Atk/Spd so that he takes more damage, give your second galeforce user Wings of Mercy, and rampage around with a dancer or two.

Really fun, and not really difficult to make with Sirius in your team.

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Where is the option to keep him and use him


If you’re going for a meme build… I’d rather see you use him well :idunnstare:

Implying I have 4 cavs I like

The entire point is that I either fodder him or let him collect dust, did you not read the post?

Hmm I do, hence the the reply :feh_nino:

You don’t need 4 cavalry units for a galeforce squad with Sirius. Once Sirius dives in, you can send an infantry unit into actually procc galeforce as well, and any dancer can dance them.

If you’re not going to use him and don’t care about being a collector, then fodder him. There’s no point at all in keeping units you won’t use, beyond the previous statement I made. They’re wasted pixels.

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