What do I do with NP2 Skadi?

What do I do with a 2nd Skadi? her NP is just buffs so NP2 is useless right? I don’t even have enough mats for my 1st one so do I just make her NP2? Do I sell her for rare prisms? (asking that hurts my poor f2p soul so much) I just wanted Caster Gil but every 4* of the banner+Skadi spooked me what the hell kill me please ;-;

“Suffering From success”


It hurts

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I dunno I would never burn an ssr but meh.


I don’t know if I should laugh or cry tbh

While a boost from 30% to 40% critical damage on NP isn’t anything particularly special, it’s still something and may make the difference in some fringe cases.

I wouldn’t never recommend burning her (or any SSR for that matter) to get rare prisms, especially since there’s soon to be systems in place where they’re much more easier to acquire with enough time played.

Just combine her with the other Skadi.


“What do I do with NP2 Skadi?”

“The same thing you do with NP1 Skadi”


I actually didn’t know that thx

Anni blond is more useful then a NP 2 Skadi