What do i give to my H!Myyhr

I still haven’t found a great A slot for Myyhr, I put Atk/Def Bond on her but I haven’t really leveled that up and I was thinking about giving her another A skill when I pulled another Surtr for SS4.I also have two L!Ikes staying around so I could give her Warding Breath. Which one do I give her? Or should I give her another A skill instead (I don’t have DC or Steady Breath)

Mmmm, that’s kind of a hard call. Warding/(etc) Breath synergizes very well with Vengeful/Bold Fighter, I use that combo on Hardin along with Aether. Hardin and M Grima are my two most rapid fire Aether armored units.

H! Myrrh does really well with Distant Counter. I would almost say to save your fodder and try for L! Hector or Hrid for Distant Counter fodder on the next Legendary Banner.

Okay, now building for survival against crazy mages seeing as how Reinhardt/Michaiah/etc will be her biggest threats, Warding Breath would be a good option as well as using Deflect Magic 3 for her seal slot, just in case her weapon effect doesn’t happen to prevent a double attack. This does rely on Myrrh or an ally being able to deal with the threat after tanking the hit.

Other than that, allies with Ward Armor/Dragons or Fortify Armor/Dragons will also be important for helping her.

Finally, a flier with Aerobatics and Guidance like L! Azura or Eir can do a lot for increasing your armor’s mobility along with Armor March.

As far as budget options go; you can throw Fortress Def 3, Sturdy Blow 2, Armored Blow 3, or Brazen Atk/Def 3.

Before I got DC on mine, I was running Fortress Def 3 since the -3 Atk is negligible due to how good her base Atk is.

I would save Warding Breath and SS4 for someone else.