What do I need to enable Sieg?

Pretty much every comp I see of him has MLB scope. Is there anything else I can run? What if I’m willing to use Arash wave 1?

I do have my own Cas Gil, Helena (unleveled), and Tamamo.

An MLB Kscope is not require, you could use a normal one. Also I recommend leveling up Helena 1st skill since it’ll help with NPing right at the start if you have Kscope.

What other CE’s do you have? Because of Sieg’s 30% battery he can get away with a regular Kaleidoscope or a MLB Imaginary Element. Other CE’s typically used in NP looping are MLB Magical Girl of Sapphire, regular Halloween Petite Devil might work, and there’s also a bunch of comps that use MLB Painting Summer.

Tamamo for sure works with Sieg and so does Paracelsus once he gets his skill strengthening and gets his targetable np gain buff.

For Gilfest rotation 1 and 3, native Waver or Skadi and Paracelsus. Rotation 2 is Assasin so you can give up event powermod CE for 50% charge, then just Paracelsus (and another buffer like Mozart for wave 3).

Above are 5-slot comps.

The cheapest(?) servant I can think off that can potentially enable Sieg is Ascelpius but he’s months away after Sieg’s release if I recall right. He packs a teamwide NP gain buff and 20% charge so he can somewhat fill in for Para or Helena.

There’s also Lanling who comes much closer but is a 4* so unless you plan on rolling for him any point I make for him is a bit moot.

I found this chart a while back. It seems to show which teams and CEs are needed for Sieg to loop his NP.


Asclepius is like a year away after Sieg is released

I’ll just stick with Waver, Tamamo and Para… still need to wait for anniversary for Paracelsus upgrade.
no miyu CE, so I’ll try with Dive to Blue later… since Also need to wait for summer for hokusai CE

think you cant replace miyu ce
cause that gives a 30% np gain
which is alot

Huh.I was far off then. Oops ehehe :fgo_ereshpeek:

But still though, Ascelpius can help Sieg loop once he gets released.