What do these "Quests" do?

Are these just rank up Quests or Interludes you can do if you have the particular Servant listed? I recently picked up Karna and am curious if that one with Arjuna is worth picking up. Only have 2 Rare prisms currently after a couple years of playing FGO. Don’t want to waste them. I know we start getting more around Xmas due to some gameplay changes but still did not want to waste them unless it is worth it. Thanks ahead for any responses.

Trial Quests are essentially just “demos” of servants, where you can pick them as a support and test our their skills/NP. It’s pretty much a waste to get any of them, I think the most you might gain is a summon ticket.


DON’T. you only get 1 ticket for completing them.

The Karna and Arjuna quest give you 2 tix

Although that’s pushing it, if you’ve got an extra prism I think that’s better than 1 ticket.

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Musashi trial quest is the best value for your rare prism.


How so?

They like Musashi a lot


Thanks for the answers folks. And Why is Musashi Trial the best? I don’t seem to have that one yet. Though I’m glaring at you @The_Cheeseman since I am sure your are saying that because you :fgo_astolfo: all things Musashi. And there is nothing wrong with that.


Just follow a whale for the real trial quest experience


Yeah, since the question was already answered, I figured I’d take the opportunity to stan for Musashi. ;-)


Yeah, Musashi’s was really nice, it actually had a bit of story, same with Hokusai, but I also recall some of the new ones had no interlude type story at all and the fights themselves were bad, the enemies didn’t have enough health and the trial/demo servant didn’t have all 3 skills.


Actually, Musashi’s trial quest has a bit of story that introduces Musashi, and the main story acts as if you actually have done the quest, and doesn’t bother to explain any of the events that happened in it. :confused: I don’t think any of the other trial quests actually have any impact on the main story.

So, yeah… if you really want to buy a trial quest, Musashi’s the best value. But still not a great investment.


Skadi’s trial quest was really bad on that front…

I don’t even remember what it was, that’s how good it was, although the servant exposition was already done in LB2 so that part was already covered.

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Well, trial quest of aforementioned Hokusai does add a bit to story, tying up to Salem, but it is still a minor thing

Best thing about Hokusai’s Trial Quest: Suzuka.


Lostbelt 2?

Clarification: I assumed they mean Lostbelt 2 and was making a joke.

Is Lostbelt 2 not the chapter where Skadi shows up first?

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I think so

I have never had rare prism until Summer 2 rerun last month, but for some reason already cleared Sherlock trial quest. How the heck did it happen? -_-