What do uou guys think about this idea?


They could impliment a feature that would allow use to send home heroes but instead of getting feathers we can choise to get orbs. This would help dematically with the crap units we get that we don’t want and can’t use.

So the values would be:
3 STARS: give 3 Orbs
4 STARS: give 4 Orbs
5 STARS: give 5 Orbs


So the values would be:
3 STARS: give 1 Orbs
4 STARS: give 2 Orbs
5 STARS: give 4 Orbs


Thats way too much.
Its not going to happen.
Maybe a batch of 10 3* units for 1 Orb or a batch of 10 4* units for 2 Orbs.


Honestly…that idea would totally kill there revenue and soon afterwards the game will die.


U know that some people just have barracks full of 4 or 5 Stars right?


Its an interesting idea but i think the values are too high, maybe if implemented like orb shards or something it could work


Much lower than the values I listed and there would be no point in get any orbs from that at all. Only one orb from a group of 10 3 stars when it took at least 40 orbs to get that many 3 stars is just ridiculous.


So if you spend 20 orbs, you could get at least 3*5 = 15 orbs per full circle?
It’s like the cost of one summon was reduced to 1 orb :thinking:


They could do something similar and trade a group of 3/4 stars to any 3/4 stars units, so you’re sure to get a unit you want for merge/fodder for X pulls


So what about these values?
3 STARS: give 1 Orbs
4 STARS: give 2 Orbs
5 STARS: give 4 Orbs


are you talking about trading the units for other random units because that would be cool but it would break the game


I will take an example to explain my thoughts:
Imagine you want a 4* Ares for fodder or merge but you don’t obtain him. Let’s say you need 5 4* you obtained via summon to trade for one 4* you chose. You will need 20-25 orbs to pull these units, and you renounce the possible fodder they have for a unit you will be sure to use. Maybe it’s a bit too generous and the idea needs refining but I believe it could be good.


Or they could just use an idea similar to Einherjar’s. Maybe an event or something where you can make an Einherjar of a unit…

So basically an event that gives you Manuals of units. :neutral_face:


if it got fleshed out that would be super cool


It would be cool.
The daily maps with 1/2* heroes are outdated now, and it could be more regular than heroes quest