What do we think about Rhea?

I’m really getting a lot of F!edelgard vibes from F!Rhea, right now, and I’m a little scared of what she can do. Right now, V!Chrom seems to take care of her pretty well, as well as L!Leif, but I’ve seen how busted Units like her could be. Especially with her terrifying base 190 stat line.


You know A-Idunn has 195 BST right?

Anyway, I mainly see her being played exactly like B-Hector and A-Idunn, and most high level players are likely going to use Hardy Fighter over True Dragon Wall because precharged Lethality Yuri and Deadeye Duo Chrom go brrr in Duels

The main thing she has over those two is being colorless and hitting really fucking hard, albeit only once unlike B-Hector.


When Fedel came i had problems even with the infernal story maps, but ive been able to beat Rhea without issues this time. Maybe i’ll regret this in the future, but right now she feels manageable.


the problem with the other units that F!edelgard and F!Rhea have is that they’ll always have color weakness’s. My +2 F!Momo can take down some +4 and +5 B!hectors in a 2hko with base buffs. Same with A!Idunn. The colorless units have the advantage of no color disadvantages, so all of their base stats stay VERY consistent, and can made even better with skills that buff those stats

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@MissSugarsalt for the username.

You best friend and/or natural enemy.


Your Morgan would barely scratch Hardy Fighter variants of B-Hector or Idunn because Hardy Fighter is cracked.

Luckily for you its almost exclusively a Far Save strategy, especially in Duels, because of how many more threatening ranged units there are compared to melee (and how almost all DR ignoring skills are on ranged units only)

Rhea also is still armor weak, and it’s a lot easier to get dragon effectiveness than beast effectiveness. I have Naga for Astra season, L-Julia for Arena, and Micaiah for Light season so I’m not super concerned. She’s definitely a threatening unit, but if not played well I don’t think she’s as brainless as Fatalgard


I actually forgot I had an L!Julia, how would you build her to counter rhea?


Nuking firepower.

You only get one shot, so you need to kill with it.

Even with NFU or forced follow up, she has slaying and will probably nuke you with iceberg.

So one shot.


Well my Julia is +10 but…

Rhea didn’t get a single point of DR against this

(I should add that this Julia regularly one shots +10 L-Corrins through Negating Fang)


that’s really similar to my B!Lysithea build, actually,


I mainly run the Spd so Julia can keep up with the Spd DR users, which in Arena…generally means L-Dimitri and the occasional Yen’fay. Both die in one hit.

She almost never actually needs to double.


Can I keep a/r oath and keep her next to a carry unit like V!Chrom with DA and JDA?

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Anything that improves Julia’s Atk and Res compared to Rhea’s is a boon, as that means less DR from Rhea and more damage from Julia. Atk/Res Menace is just the most effective way of doing so because it’s a 12 point visible stat swing

Julia’s base kit is already pretty good for this thanks to Mirror Impact


It’s a friend


As of the topic itself
A well build OG Chrom is her counter, I made mine works with distant counter and dodge before, and on her banner I got a brave Marth for him, so he works well with his dragon effectiveness
Rhea is a bit less tanky due to the posture, so he can survive one attack of her and bonk her while bonking her again on his phase


L-Marth is also extremely good against her
He’ll burst through her without risk because of Binding Shield (II)

Also of course L-M-Byleth with precharged Sublime Heaven


Unlike F!Edelgard, F!Rhea by virtue of being a dragon and armor unit has a lot of weaknesses in comparison and isn’t as oppressive nowadays since she lacks player phase to be built in different ways like F!Edel.

Her true dragon wall isn’t as OP when her counters like B!Eirika and L!Nanna don’t have much res anyways. In fact, units like OG Chrom, L!Marth, B!Marth, maybe A!Tiki and L!M!Byleth don’t have much res so they punch through with attack stacking on PP. Even my Life and Death 6 L!Lilina takes her out no problem. Hardy Fighter is probably going to be more reliable.

If A!Idunn is still in the normal enemy pool (which is kinda stupid since she’s refined B!Hector with Near Save), F!Rhea will be there as well. They’re both strong but they both have big weaknesses that are more easily exploitable than F!Edelgard on release.

Unlike Hegemon Husk, F!Rhea’s sprite is awesome to look at at so that’s a big win.


She amazing on enemy phase, but so are 23969574672 Armor units. Fedel was more trouble cuz she was anoying at either phases, you couldn’t easily bait her cuz of Raging Storm, so people had to adapt to her. Not to mention Rhea’s a dragon, it’s much more common to find Dragon effective than Beast.


one of the main things that made FEdel so oppressive is the lack of powerful beast effective weapons at the time

there are a lot more dragon counters, especially now, and people have already built counters for FEdel which generally universally work on FRhea


Frhea is amazing, but not nearly as busted as Fedelgard is, Frhea on release already has so many counters to her were as Fedelgard required very specific units/builds before they started releasing her counters. Sure Frhea can hit hard and has a better DR effect than Fedelgard, but what made Fedelgard especially scary to fight is being able to attack 3 times per turn if she was running Galeforce, that or an extremely powerful Bonfire that would either be used on her 2nd hit or on retaliation (unless Guard of course). While Frhea has a powerful Iceberg it requires her to use a Breath seal or an ally that grants CD per foes attacks were Fedelgard has built in Special Fighter.