What do we think about Rhea?

As a character - still hate Rhea.

As a unit - Ehh…she’s not really all that concerning to me so far. My B!Edelgard’s been able to tank her pretty easily and I haven’t seen her in any PvP modes so I’m not sure about there. My OG!Edelgard is able to one-shot F!Edelgard, so I imagine F!Rhea wouldn’t be much different.


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F!Rhea is an excellent enemy phase Save unit, right up there with B!Hector and A!Idunn (and Nagi). The main thing she lacks compared to both blues is immunity to armor effectiveness and auto-doubles compared to B!Hector. In exchange for auto-doubles, F!Rhea has awesome one-shot power and A!Idunn has armor effectiveness. F!Rhea’s extra damage I’d say is more often more useful than armor effectiveness. The extra attack generally does more against lower defenses and F!Rhea does more against high Res. If you don’t swap out True Dragon Wall, F!Rhea also heals tons. Due to F!Rhea’s Wary effect, she can’t use double-providing B slots like Bold Fighter, so her builds are a bit more limited but not in any way that matters for her primary role.

Compared to F!Edelgard, she’s easier to use due to no transformation requirement and that’s it with Hardy, or just one easy teammate restriction with TDW. She’s also easier to counter since dragon effectiveness was all the rage for about a year when IS was trying to tone down dragon use, plus all the usual F!Edelgard counters.

The main problem for F!Rhea at high levels competitively is the same as Nagi: Duo Chrom. He shreds all armors that don’t block effectiveness, and she doesn’t block effectiveness. She doesn’t have weapon triangle disadvantage like Nagi but I’m pretty sure he’ll just shred F!Rhea too without issue.


I’m probably parroting others here but I think the general gist is this: She is nowhere near F!Edel in terms of annoyance but that’s because F!Rhea is a strong Save unit (EP) that has a weaker PP while F!Edel is an annoying statball that is troublesome to deal with due to being strong in both phases. In general content (mainly PvE) she will be strong but not too terrible to deal with (like the F!Morgans from last year). Any ranged unit with effective damage or null DR will probably wipe the floor with her without having the risk of being one-shot on retaliation (if said ranged unit needs to double for the kill). This is also true in higher level content, but that’s under the assumption no far save unit is present, in which case she becomes much scarier.

On a personal note, I’m getting really sick and tired of the lack of fun modes in FEH. I’ve finally acquired another fun unit I want to use yet there isn’t anything worth using her in rn outside of AR and Arena. The moment I finally feel like investing a bit more time into FEH is when I realize that IS has been keeping the game stagnant for what seems like forever. If we’re ever graced with a new mode, it ALWAYS has some catch to it. PoL turned from fun to annoying when it started using player teams, GC and SD fully display the horrendous game balance in FEH, Rokkr varies from frustrating to bland depending on the chosen enemy, I could go on… Anyways, that’s besides the point with F!Rhea.


I don’t think that F!Rhea will ever be as toxic as F!Edel still is, just because of her lacking DC and GF built into her weapon like the latter. They also fulfill rather different roles: Edel as oppressive PP juggernaut (albeit with some serious EP presence als well) and Rhea as near-indistructible EP wall. Both work exceptionally well within these roles, but I think that dedicated EP tanks are way easier to handle just by forcing them to initate an attack (and thereby circumventing all their EP bonuses).

Be it F!Edel or F!Rhea, my to-go counter for both is the OG green bow lord herself:

With proper team support (namely Ostia’s Pulse II from L!Hector, some buffs and a dancer) she tears through nearly anything not named A!Fjorm without a sweat :feh_lynfingers:

Or, you know… turn the tables and just tank her on EP with your own DR :feh_hecstare:


Underrated unit.

Saved my ass a bunch in SD, and a few other times as well. People really don’t expect her to pack the punch she does.
Though, TBF, here’s mine:

Deadeye build


Hey there, fellow Lyn enjoyer :feh_annawave:


Rhea gives me H!M!Grima vibes mixed in with F!Edelgard. Got the bulk of El but the EP firepower type build and dragon-typing you’d find on Grima. The girl isn’t going to die without proper counters but at the same time really is only a threat on EP, which she’s obviously designed to be.

She’s going to be annoying to deal with but I think honestly she’ll be less tame than Edelgard.



I mean, if I am known for anything on GP it’s that and my excessive sarcasm.


For the purposes of giving F!Rhea Br!Catria’s [Triangle Attack], do the first two hits of the Brave effect both get the foe’s-Res-based damage or just the first one? If it’s both, which would make sense, then the Brave effect will actually make her fairly potent on PP, assuming the foe is >75% HP. Without that, she will not be very scary on PP.

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No, it would clarify otherwise(Although I guess I can test it later) if that were the case. It’d be a bit worded a bit wonky but it should be very clear if it was the case.

Edit: Yeah, no. Using Rhea with Catria against an Edelgard(Double Wary Fighter!) the 40% Res only comes on the first hit.


Good to know!


Most about F!Rhea to be said as already been said, so I’ll just make a few points that I feel are left untouched:

I think she’s better as a Far Save than as her base kit would suggest.
I think the minute you change her B skill for Hardy Fighter she becomes an EP threat.
I think her true damage based on foe’s Res cries for her to be able to retaliate even with a Far Save build, meaning if you take this route, she will be more threatening with Distant Stance 4 on A. Forgoing this true damage effect and going for DG4 or T4 stance on A would make her tankier yes, but less scary, and at that point she would be an inferior A!Idunn without penalty neutralization, without Svalinn Shield, and without color advantages/disadvantages.


30% is meant as a general or medium-strength buffer against OHKOs, not an industrial grade insurance policy. So I wouldn’t say it’s entirely surprising

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I know that
The point is Julia smacks dragons so damn hard that a little DR is meaningless to her

And that if whaled L-Corrins can’t live her, most Rheas won’t either

Hardy Fighter is another story altogether, but otherwise she has almost no trouble


People really needs to realize that FEdel stopped to be a menace as a Player Phase unit a long time ago. She just doesn’t have the damage output without any source of passive damage in 2022. FEdel does little to no damage to any competent Near Save/Melee Specialist, meanwhile FRhea can do significantly more damage with a single hit.


I’d agree that OHKOs through %R of any kind is noteworthy because %R is generally the bane of OHKOs. I mean, we make a note of stuff like Y. Innes for a reason.

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I have a highly merged L!Nanna I use frequently as well as running a lot of units with NFU so I’m biased but my biggest problem with F!Edie was her dual phase potential. Armored Stride coupled with her ability to galeforce AND run a damaging special made her a menace but her special acceleration and innate DC also made her very hard to player phase.

F!Rhea is practically EP only so it limits her capabilities. She’s still very strong of course but not as versatile of F!Edie so she’s easier to deal with to me.

Except as I said, FEdel does little to no damage to any competent Near Save/Melee Specialist. There is nothing scary about her as a Player Phase unit in 2022.
Now you CAN’T tank FRhea as easily even if she only hits once, she still does a lot of damage

Do note that she loses her true damage on player phase after her target is below 75% HP though (and her follow up blocking and her Atk stat swing)

The Near Save will be stinging after that one hit, but afterwards, she’ll be hitting for peanuts

And good luck getting her to PP anything without an Armor March, Ground Orders, or Smite partner