What do you base your units promotion on?

It wouldn’t let me post the topic because my poll needed the “name” attribute but I didn’t know what that was but I’ll explain why I made this.

I felt awfully curious about how people play fire emblem and how they handle their units. Mind you this is coming from a casual. For me personally, I promote my units based on their character and once they reach level 20 which can be hell yet the only fire emblem that I play other than heroes and Three houses is Sacred Stones and due to it’s grind tower, allowed me to look into my units characters. Which is how I made my Amelia a General despite knowing the restraints. (Well… not yet. It’s my first run of Sacred Stones and I’m turning my entire army into monsters)

I still can’t post my poll…

Do you promote your units:

  • Based on Bases and stats
  • Based on Characters
  • Doesn’t Matter

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Also, do you promote your units:

  • Once they’re level 10
  • Once they’re level 20
  • When I feel like it

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Found the new guy XD

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Nerv and

…I guess that’s one way to put it.

You have NO idea how long it took me to post the poll. And apparently the problem was that I just copied and pasted the “Do you promote your units:” poll and just changed the options. Apparently what I had to do was make another one by going to options and clicking ‘Build Poll’.

… i see… something @_@


“Doesn’t matter” - Read as: “Depends on who my merge project is or who I need fodder from.”
“When I feel like it” - Read as: “Level 40 for units I use, Level 1 for fodder.”

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