What do you guys think about Mash (probably) being the only shielder ever?

Mash is probably going to be the only shielder servant ever. Personally, I think that’s kinda dumb. I get Mash is supposed to be special and all, but ffs, she’s already one of the best servants, a central plot character, costs 0 points, and is the very first servant you get. Is that not special enough? I think it would be really cool if another shielder servant was added to the game.

There’s also the gameplay aspect to consider. How would you make another shielder servant play? But I’m a moron who knows nothing about game design, so if anyone has any ideas, hearing them would be pretty cool.


Well i really don’t care if we get another one or not, either way the Shilder class is supposed to be focused on defence so they will be not the most Interesting thing and the doesn’t even have a advantage or resistance that would make then more necesary to use.
I find Mash a pretty amazing servant, her standard version is super good and all but but not the one that give more fun, in the other side i find her ortinax form to be super fun to use plus her badass animations are :fgo_goodciv: simple great, even if isn’t the most effective in any way


Assigning Mash an Extra Class of her own makes her even more special.
She’s the only Servant ever to belong to this one class, the only Servant of your own (Non-Friend Support) to cost 0 when deployed, the only to be completely and absolutely neutral in terms of receiving and dealing damage.
And, on top of that, she’s a cutie and one of the main characters in the game’s story

Now, if we were to remove her exclusiveness, would you say she’s that special, at the very least, gameplay-wise?
The answer would most likely be: “well, she still has one of the best defensive kits in the game, even without her class neutrality and no-cost features”, which is why we praise her in the first place.

To me, at the very least, it would be very strange to add another Shielder class Servant. Not because there’s not enough Heroes with Shields (we have plenty in various classes) but since it’s been 5 years of exclusivity, to break it now would seem like a strange approach. It could even be seen as a sign of the End of Fate/Grand Order.


It wouldn’t bother me if they decided to expand the Shielder class, but I suspect that part of the challenge is trying to make other Shielders both defensively inclined and distinct from many other defensive Servants.

Mash as Shielder works well for her purpose since she’s neither crazy powerful nor a trap for new players; her non-participation in the affinity system makes her a safe choice almost anywhere, and she has definite applications in both forms.

It’s probably not worth it for them to add new Shielders for the foreseeable future, though Mash’s original “borrowed” Spirit Origin would be the prime candidate. A gacha Shielder would have to be special indeed for players to warm to it since defensive Servants with absolutely no affinity would be tough sells unless their kits were at least as good as OG Mash’s, and that’s difficult to balance without stepping all over Mash’s role.


I think Galahad isn’t completely off the table. But as others said, shielder has 1 focus, defense, and mash already provide some of the best defense in the game that isn’t party wide invul (merlin) or anti purge defense (castoria), so a 2nd shielder will be kinda pointless.


I don’t think they’ll make another shielder, at least for now. Mash is like the OG character as she is the first/main person that helps you. I’m personally okay with it but it would be cool to see others in that spot in the future. But then again, probably not because when you think of shielder class, you’d probably always think of Mash.

Did they even explain what is a shielder class ? Is it not just a special class created for Mash because they don’t know where to put her ?

Galahad is a Shielder, so she took on that class.


Erf then taht’s doesn’t make any sense that he’s/she’s the only one…It would have been better if it was a class made just for Mash because of her special condition. Right now then, you’re telling me than in all of human history just one Shielder was ever known ? lol…

That’s not what I said at all. Mash took it on because she had a Shielder summoned inside her.
Achilles qualifies as a Shielder, but instead he’s summoned as a Rider. So there’s definitely more than one out there, we just happen to know only two that actually qualify.

But that’s exactly why I said that. Where are the other ? how the hell we have that much servant of other class and just one available shielder ? Is their summoning system canceling shielder ?

Well, think about it this way: even if said hero fights with a shield that doesn’t mean that would become their only weapon. However, what if we made ONE Servant like that? Would that be unique?

Or maybe I’m just spouting crap now. I still think having more than one Shield-Bashing Heroic Spirit would be kinda dumb and remove the uniqueness featured in our favorite eggplant. It would make sense from a gameplay standpoint if you make an entire class like that, but I get the feeling plot-wise it would be a kick in the nuts, especially in such a story-heavy game like this.

It’s simply that they don’t want other Shielders to be accessible for gameplay. Lore and gameplay segregation.

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Imo if Leonidas doesn’t get to be a Shielder then nobody other than Mash (and by extension Galahad) should. If they make a Shielder Leonidas then I’m down for whatever.

I'd also kind of like to see an attempt to make an offensive shielder, would be nice if they were evil too. They'd basically be a jerk whose fighting style is to be as provocative as possible to get someone to attack them out of anger, creating an opening and paying them back for the damage.

Like a certain man with a beautiful smile.

I definitely agree that we really should’ve encountered another Shielder by now since it isn’t an exclusive class, but since they haven’t introduced another one in so long it’s kind of difficult for them to add one now. I’d still like them to though. Mash would still be plenty unique as is, they just need to differentiate the new characters they bring in just like for every other class.

Galahad was one of the most powerful knights of the round, so I assume he’d be a bit more offensive than Mash currently is. Achilles is definitely more offensive than he is defensive, but due to his myth he would make an interesting Shielder. Leonidas would probably qualify, just would be difficult to make him different enough from his Lancer self since that form is quite defensive already. Aias would make for a cool low star Shielder option so that we could get Rho Aias in the game.
But generally most Shielders are going to be mixed offense/defense rather than being a full defense support like Mash, so she’ll be plenty unique even without the 0 party cost.


Gameplay view first. So in the majority of cases, Ruler and Avenger are simply better classes than shielder. That basically means that except when you’re fighting berserkers or avengers/moon cancers (which are really rare), making a servant a shielder is actually a downgrade. Mash’s kit on a ruler would in most cases make her even better.

Now for a story view, making another shielder at this point would probably seem somewhat cheep. I don’t think that it would make Mash less special (unless the new shielder was just objectively better somehow, at which point good job DW). They’ve abstained for so long that I just can’t see them doing it now. I think that they’d sooner have Galahad come back to Mash than have Galahad actually summonable.

As for a character that I’d like to see if they ever made another shielder, Athena would be a fun one.

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Gameplay wise, I’m just not seeing the benefit of more shielders. The myriad of classes available presently is enough to fulfill most roles and an expansion of a full neutral class just doesn’t scream necessary.

Lorewise, the class is just vague. Sure there are some figures known for defensive battles, but they also fit one other class most of the time as most warriors by themselves are meant to be sent out on offensive. The shield is just an impractical weapon by itself and more of something as a support arm historically.

I look at it this way, Mash wasn’t put in the shielder class, the shielder class was created for Mash. The developers intended for Mash to be a myriad of exclusive traits to cement her position as an ‘unsubstitutable’ asset and her class was just one among of them. At least that’s my take on it.

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Well, if they made a better shielder, there would be a point.

I like how she uses round table as a shield and as long as she’s pure and hopes to protect people her shield is unbreakable.
It feels like no other servant should be a shielder imo


I’d assume they wont make another shielder since it would be stupid hard to compete with mash