What do you guys think of sell back the items to the shop in game?

for instance any items you can receive from a poke stop.
Poke Balls, Berries, Healing Items.
won’t that be nice?!

Yes, it would be nice, but Niantic will never implement it because the game aims to earn our money.


We’ll never see a “sell back”, but what I’d like to see if a rotating series of ‘trades’ that can be done at gyms (because we need more reasons to interact with gyms).

For example

  • Trade 20 pokeballs for 1 Great Ball
  • Trade 5 Great Balls for 1 Ultra Ball
  • Trade 3 Potions for 1 Super Potion
  • Trade 5 Super Potions for 1 Hyper Potion
  • Trade 2 Hyper Potions for 1 Max Potion
  • Trade 2 Lucky Egg / Incense / Star Piece for 1 Lucky Egg / Incense / Star Piece
  • Trade X Razz Berry / Nanab Berry / Pinap Berry for Y Razz Berry / Nanab Berry / Pinap Berry
  • etc

A daily cap could be established for trading items, or some other limit.

That’d be neat. There could also be better exchange rates when your team holds the gym.

I’d rather have Trade 2 Great Balls for 1 Pokeball :rofl:

What I need is candies trading. We have tons of candies from the likes of Rattata, Pidget and such while we always short of say… Magicarp or Beldum candy. If somehow we can trade the unused candies for rare candy, like trade 5 or 10 Rattata candies for 1 RC, that’ll be VERY helpful.

Well i like idea, but not numbers. I could immediately get like 2 k+ RC, and im not even a hardcore player :joy:

Been wishing for the pokemon candies to be traded for RC for well forever. I have 10,000 snubull candies. I would be more than happy to give them up for maybe 5 to 10 RC or 50 pokecoins.

This is a really neat idea. I would love it if we had “Poke-marts” in the game that we could interact with in this way.

I like this idea as well, though the numbers would have to be adjusted juuuuuust a bit. I’m currently sitting on almost 34,000 Rattata candy, and while I’d love to convert that to 3400 rare candy, that exchange rate is probably a bit too good. :wink:

I have evolved about ten Magikarps and still have over 3,000 Magikarp candy left. Expect to earn more during its Community Day.

Likewise, I earned almost a thousand Beldum candy during its Community Day and another few hundred from farming Sierra.

Somewhere between a hundred to a thousand common candy per Rare Candy.

How did you get 34,000 Rattata candy? I can’t even get enough Rattata to complete my Rattata medal. See

But I guess I should not be talking considering my # of Snubull, Murkrow, Eevee, & Magikarp candies.

I admit though I evolved a lot of my pokies to get rid of my pokie specific candies. I have been building up my XP with the thinking that maybe Niantic will level things up from level 40 to level 50.

I’ve been playing since July 2016, and honestly play this game way too much lol. Also, having a Gotcha helps a ton. :grin:

You definitely love your Pokémon :grin:

Don’t forget that medal is also for ‘tiny rattata’ (below a certain weight - I am not sure how they are classified as tiny, normal, big etc).
I suspect you have got many more than the 247 counted there.

You could be right

Hopefully one day I will get my tiny Rattata medal then it would be :partying_face: :clap: :woman_cartwheeling: