What do you like and dislike about the CCC event?


What do you like and dislike about the CCC event? I’m curious!


I actually like it as the story goes. The overall feel is like fun and games but every now and then it brings up some dark scenes to remind you it’s more than just a game.

And I like how it is more than just the protagonist and their servants in the story, it actually involves other people. Most importantly, the NPC have a face now :laughing:

Maybe it’s too early to say right now as we are still early into the story, might see how things go

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The first half minute of the music triggers me immensely.
SERIOUSLY, it really pisses me off.

Right now, I’m just enjoying the back button to the point that my battles take forever cuz I’m still working on believing its actually here.

But what about the script, the characters, the dialogue and the voice acting?

I’ll let you know once I get over the back button.


Oh back button, love of my life. Huh? CCC event? It’s okay I guess.

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imagine not liking best ost bb channel :S

like: the story

dislike: the fcking grinding itself holy shit
legit 2nd worst event ever to grind


I’m really liking it so far. It feels as if I’m playing a new Fate Extra and the story missions are surprisingly difficult, in a good way.
I went into the battle against BB with Li, Hans and Tamamo assuming it was a good combo. Oh how wrong I was. :D Had to withdraw and come back with Cu Alter and Ruler Martha. :D

I haven’t done much grinding yet, so to me it feels more like a new singularity rather than an event, which is great.


For me, Best event in FGO and by real far. There is a story with a lot of background developement, it’s challenging in a good way, it’s big. No event can compare to that and if it goes that well until the end it will easly surpass Kamelot and Babylonia singualrity (right now the story pace is better).


-Good story so far (1st time play this event, not playing jp)
-Challenging battle,
-BB Hack Scene, i love this.


I had to quickly adjust my farming teams to be less bonus drop focussed, as I made some of those quests very hard for myself. So far, nothing to really dislike, except for the standard rush at the begining trying to get my AP bar lowered while getting through the low-AP, story-heavy first missions. I had to stay up for about an hour longer than I had intended getting my AP down.


The event is extremely fun if you played/watched a playthrough of CCC, and recognize all the OSTs and the BB hacking scenes. Story is enjoyable so far as well, it’s great seeing BB and the Alter Egos in FGO and the banter between our haphazard party members is entertaining too. Seeing Tristan and Gawain for the first time outside of Camelot where they were both inhumane assholes is nice.
The quests are quite the step up from the usual event quests. I had to actually retry the BB battle because I went in for the lulz with max coin drops the first time and failed to beat her before she crit everyone down. Not gonna underestimate any other story quests from now on, lol.

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I really like the scoring/soundtracks on this event. 2nd best soundtracks after the KnK event imo.
Nothing to dislike so far… :smile:


The story is entertaining and I’m enjoying the character interactions. Speculating on what BB has been doing behind the scenes is also amusing.
Some of the dialogue choices are hilarious as well as they really break up the mood.

I think my only dislike this far is the Error Code’s I’ve been hit by a few times while claiming rewards.
If Sizzle hadn’t made that guide I would have been pretty stressed as my blind jp experience was horrible.


Given how complicated the walk through is, I imagine it was a huge pain for JP when it first hit since there was no advance knowledge to what needed to be done in what order.

Also, I don’t mind more challenging quests, but I can’t say I appreciate needing to grind more challenging quests when you are also gimping yourself with sub-optimal team compositions and CEs. I guess that’s the trade off you need to find, but this is where it really hits the F2P players who have more limited rosters.


wait till you see the rerun


Love :

  • the chibi BB with her BB slot

  • Interactions between Emiya-cat

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That BB/Mash scene was my favorite. :) I also love anything with Robin or TamCat in it.

Hmm, I hate 40 AP event nodes.

That first BB fight was surprisingly hard. The second wave focused down my Tamamo so I was left with a mostly dead Robin, a Waver, and a Hans…all holding event CEs. Used command seals to fire off Robin’s NP 3x in a row. Sheesh. Next time I’ll look up the story nodes in advance.

I already made a mistake with my Sakura money and now I’m future proofing missions (that Fionn node is so good) so I don’t come up short in the future. Ugh.


you can follow Meliran CCC guide

Very complete : https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/bfhgzl/melirans_ccc_seraph_event_guide/


its technically impossible to come out short
i tried,
there is always enough sakura money for the quests and story node

what you would be short of is that you just needa complete more missions(and this indirectlu have more kp) to get the money back


Yeah. I need to bully Fionn some more and then bully Taiga like 6 times as soon as her node opens. Oops. Then I think I’m back on track.


Time spend on farming… with low level servants.