What do you think about this build for chrom?

Hi guys, now that I finish Kaze I want to start other project and i was thinking in chrom if a unit that I like but for some reason I didn’t do it yet so… what do you think about this build for him?




Distant Pressure and Spurn is a pretty popular combo for Chrom these days. I too, use a Spurn Chrom, although I don’t have Distant Pressure. In fact, this build is very similar to the one I use

Personally I like Joint Drive over Rouse though. There are many, many other ways to get Sealed Falchion going (Ground Orders, a Tactic/Rally, Tempest skill, TAKING 1 HP DAMAGE) and on most maps you can’t activate Rouse on the first turn unless you’re using Chrom by himself (and I have used Rouse Spd/Def for LHB Chrom solos). The Null Panic is nice but I haven’t found myself fearing most sources of Panic with Chrom because he has naturally high HP; pretty much only Panic Staves and Panic Ploy users on Abyssal maps have a chance of Panicking him. Heck, I’ve pumped his HP enough to ignore Panic Towers in AR


I just realized that our Chrom are extremely similar to one another. :catdance:

Also yes, Joint Drive is much better. Heck, it comes ready to go if you fodder a Male Kris to him.


Yes to speed Chrom

That’s almost identical to the build I use on him, which I’ve had a lot of success and a lot of fun with

Went with TP to make Aether trigger more often and keep him healthy.

As others have said, Null Panic is good but he won’t need it super often due to his HP. Mine already gets +19 Spd from his kit before any other team support is involved, so while it’d certainly help I don’t think he needs the extra atk and spd boost for right now (powercreep will eventually prove me wrong though, of course). Certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep it, either.

But yeah! Other than that minor critique the build looks great! I hope you have fun building and using this good boy! :feh_nini:


I’m waiting for a good C Skill to run on my Chrom, but I go Aether/DP/Spurn/DB Seal. Right now he has Spd Smoke to help ruin other godswords, but I want to run Red Feud to help him better in that regard.

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Hope nobody minds me tacking on to this thread because it's already here and related to my question:

Is there any notable benefit to running this build on Chrom over Lucina or - better yet for F2P - Masked Marth? Chrom is beefier, but Masked Marth is a lot faster and can take advantage of the SPD check better?

Not to say it’s not good on Chrom, and if you like him then by all means go for it, I’m just curious and comparing options for the B!Marth I got today and kind of want to use a build like this on Masked Marth because I like Lucina better.

It’s pretty simple, really (at least IMO): Grails vs. no Grails

If you already have a +10 Masked Marth or Lucina, by all means choose them instead for this

But I can’t really advise building Masked Marth from scratch at this point. Grails are a tough resource to come by and if you didn’t get the early copies of Marth, you’re out of luck. At that point it is much, much more economical to choose Yen’fay as a Grail project.


I haven’t +10’d Masked Marth, but I do have most of the copies to do so. I’m not on my phone ATM, but I believe I can get her up to +6 or +7 if I wanted to.

And while Yen’fay is a project I’m working on, and almost done with; Masked Marth is one I would build simply because I like the character more than how powerful the unit is. Same reason I’m still working on building an OG!Delthea. That said, I haven’t committed to anything, I’m eyeing a lot of options. I even considered it an option for my +6 F!Byleth, but decided she’s better off as an initiator.

Objectively I think it is a terrible idea, especially if you’re borrowing this build because both Marth and Yen’fay fulfill the same role of DC DR swordie and are also from the same title so it won’t even help your Limited and Resonant Battles

BUT I am always of the opinion that favorites come first. I’m the wacko with a +10 Takumi, after all.


I’ve never been one to follow what people usually say is a good idea. Even when I poll the audience to help my indecision, it’s just to get a feel and not to tell me how to do things.

That said, I could also make the argument of Yen’fay vs. Chrom on the same criteria. Yen’fay being objectively stronger, but Chrom not requiring Grails.

Honestly, and sadly, most projects involving old units are passion projects and not ideal projects these days.

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