What do you think about this



This is the Smollzura I planned for AA 1st match. I still need the flowers, 10 copies and blue flame, everything else is done.
I currently have her at +0 but around 400 grails.


Bad idea. Sing is a low weighted skill. You’d have to use a Rally skill to get optimal score, which defeats her purpose as a dancer.


Who the hell cares about score? Arena isn’t everything.


@CG0Ghost But… they’re using her for scoring in AA.


@CG0Ghost @AniCre001 what I read is just a general recommendation not to be concerned about arena score, which I tend to support. I’m working on AA score because I want coins, but even I’ve stopped rushing as hard because I believe I can make a lot of worthwhile plays in the game without the extra coins.

If not for the resource rewards I really don’t see a point to competing for ranks. The scoring systems in the two biggest modes in the game are contaminated with rubbish. As for resource rewards, it’s like life - enjoyment isn’t a question of having the most stuff but what you do with the stuff you have. Can be worth trying to increase this aspect of our power, but it definitely isn’t the most important factor.

SoraAmano, consider whether that’s really what you want to do with your feathers. 200k feathers and half a year of grails can do a LOT. Quite easily build 4 units, maybe a whole team, more if you use 5* exclusives to fodder or to fodder to (and thereby don’t need to spend feathers promoting the units). There are also units that will use the stats much, much more than Y.Azura, who will barely fight at all.


Don’t use a dancer in your 1st match. If you can’t beat the first team without a dancer, just surrender and try again.


I don’t think it’s bad Idea, It might not be optimal, thats true. I mean I don’t wan to stay top 200 or something, top 1k-5k is enough for me.


As counterpoint, I run +10 Olivia in Arena (maxed score in everything except for Dance) and I can still manage T20.5 (almost consistantly T21) fairly well. Since Smolzura has both the BST increasing A slot and a PRF, she should score even better than mine. So you can make it work, it’s just more reliant on getting bonus kills and having her teammates be maxed level. She looks pretty good!


Well my point of veiw is that arena is in fact important in this game, not the most but it is. Extra monthly income is always worth.
I’m asking for opinions on this build not because I need a dancer, but because I like Y!Azura. She reaches really high damage levels thanks to pref, and everyting in this build.
Even out of arena I can run her on any other mode as a great support.
Is it worth a lot of grails and feathers? I have her at +2 now, I will use feathers on other projects (that i’m working on) as long as I have 11 copies needed for them. The only units I want from grails are Azura, Aversa M!Marth and Loki hasn’t even been released at least for now. Then that’s a Yes, is worth.

I still accept other options for the sacred seal or special to fight specific threats.