What do you think of Guard Bearing?

Thought I’d create a topic since I didn’t see much discussion when I tried to search for it.

At first I obviously thought of it as a good skill for enemy phase fliers. But then I thought maybe it’s good for player phase fliers that inevitably have to take a hit on enemy phase (and don’t need/want desperation). A foe that’s tanky on both phases makes for an annoying foe

I also thought that a slow non-DC unit could pair it with deflect magic/missile to reduce the damage by quite a bit (missile obviously questionable with flier weakness).

What do you think of it? Do you have plans for it already?


I have…mixed feelings towards damage reduction in some cases

So idk what to say about it


Like, it’s better to not take damage in the first place?


Nah I just think damage reduction is sometimes a pain in the a■■

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I think it is an okay skill overall (which means it is pretty good for fliers because they have nothing else for B slot lol), but the once per turn limit of the skill kind of ruins it for me. I feel like they could’ve reduced the damage reduction to 30% or something and made it work for every combat in the enemy phase. Since it is only the first attack, it would still be fair.


Why is that picture so dark? :feh_bylethconfused:

In my opinion, at least, I’m glad Fliers are getting some sort of love since their repertoire of B-skill is…lackluster to say the least.

I would love to use that on my OG!Camilla, but they just HAD to put this skill on Ingrid, a character I absolutely refuse to fodder. :pensive:


I can’t download unit builder images, so I screenshot them :feh_lucyshrug:

I love it! Gonna help speedy fliers so much, especially in AR.

EDIT: But I agree with others, this doesn’t help with continuous tanking.

I think it’s mediocre. For AR-O tanking, it’s not very useful, because you need to survive multiple engagements. For AR-D flier balls, it might be good, but the strategy as a whole needs a bigger boost than that skill to be viable again I think. For PvE, who cares? And Arena, it’s decent—you will have to position the unit to try to only take one engagement per round to maximize its use. That’s not always possible, but maybe still good?

The only unit I have that I would want to give it to, L!Grima, can’t inherit it due to being a dragon, so…

Even if they keep giving more skills to fliers, the skills have to be better than this because this isn’t really super great. Plus the restrictions on the skill (which are the same as Pegasus Flight) mean that it can’t even be used on all fliers.

It’s nothing more than an annoying AI skill

In player hands it’s not very useful since tanks typically have to survive more than one engagement


I really think it’s a decent skill for AR-D. It’s like Shield Session but better because they can’t just skip some units’ turns and get past the condition, only it takes the b-slot. That’s fairly competitive when melee fliers can probably just run dull ranged and Iote’s if they’re so worried about fliers without sacrificing some playerphase potential. That’s not counting the other potent b-slots you’d have to sacrifice to run it.

its ehh

at least fliers got something, but it’s still not great

It’s interesting,but I don’t know who I’d use it on.

-Seems like a good skill since fliers barely have any B skills.

-Not useable on Dragons, who I mostly use.
-After first combat, becomes useless.

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Indeed I did have plans for it

Having finished HM farming Ingrid, those plans hath come to fruition


Technically it becomes useless after the first attack

Oh god I wish that was in my barracks


As good as that looks, I am absolutely not going to summon for S!Ingrid because I am going full on orb saving mode. Hopefully they’ll rerun her debut banner (was it Fire & Ice or another one?) because those were the best banners in the game (I literally got 4 Laegjarns and a Laevatein in like 120 orbs it was insane).
Looking back at it, her debut banner was her, Laevatein, and Helbindi, so not the greatest. The banner I was thinking of was the voting gauntlet which was just her and Helbindi as focuses. Fire & Ice was Ylgr and Surtr

With Guard Bearing, should have enough HP and Res to barely withstand a strong nuke from Lysithea or F! Julia (not sure about L! Julia). Hopefully she can kill on retaliation or any follow-up will end her.

Scatch all that, assumed she had DC for some reason.

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