What do you think of my potential Nanna?

I don’t have any staff to inherit into her B-slot, and her Attack is rather low. (Even with boon?). And if I ever get a wrathful/dazzling staff to inherit, I doubt that Nanna will be the first candidate.
I’ll probably use her just for story maps or AA, Veronica is my usual healer (if any).

Builds I am considering:

Dazzling Pain+
Heavenly Light
Atk +3 / Spd +3
Wings of Mercy
Savage Blow 3
Savage Blow 3

Or, full support:

Atk+3/ Spd +3
Live to serve 2
Breath of Life 3
Breath of Life 3

I have a choice between +Atk and +Spd Nanna.

Which boon and which build is more suitable and future-proof in your (very much appreciated) opinion?

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go for atk.
i use her with this build.

I wish i had extra pushes.
but miracle might be good, i need to merge her XD


Nice build, except … as I said, I don’t have any Wrathful or Dazzling staff to inherit.

I’m looking for optimal build without staff in B-slot.

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Yeah i only have her with that skill because she lacks the atk so much, my other healers dont have the extreme need she does, you can get the skill in the normal manuals in the shadows route.
but go with wratful refine if you can because she heals and with breath of life heals others but you need to invest heavily to be really useful.


AA healer? Dazzling Gravity and Savage Blows. Pain works decently as well but Gravity has more upsides against non-armors and armor teams that do have march. The ability to have dazzling refines with supportive weapons are the strongest points of healers on a budget.

Gravity can also cause rally loops in AA and allow kiting in PVE so it’s great there too. The other staves are situationally useful but pain and gravity are probably the most consistent and timeless uses for a healer in the game.


Is this a budget build?

Definitely budget. I have enough feathers to promote units, but I won’t sacrifice 5* exclusive.

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well, it’s damn tough to make a healer anything close to optimal without razzle-dazzle. if you want a 3-4* unit for healing on story maps, arena assault, or TT, i highly recommend reyson. his passive healing pairs perfectly with tactic skills, plus with fury, or life and death if you feel so inclined, he gets high speed and passable attack. even if you use him in a team with no beasts or dragons, his 3 space movement when transformed still comes into play every now and then.

easy budget, easy to pull, amazing supportive capabilities. the 7 hp per turn can really stack up on story modes, since any time you enter a new map, the effect activates.


Yes, Reyson is very good and has already acquired several skill sets and merges. And of course I would absolutely LOVE to give every single healer razzle-dazzle.

For Nanna I have trouble to decide which boon has more potential on low investment build. Should I merge +atk into +spd or vice versa? At the moment I’m inclined towards +spd…
Does it even matter much?

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it doesn’t matter since she has no offensive or very strong defensive capabilities
i personally like the dazzling pain + savage set.


First build is very useful, although I agree that Gravity is generally better than Pain. It allows her to kite and chip with virtually no counterplay. B-slot doesn’t matter too much on a budget (though WoM is fine), so long as she has the dazzling effect. Super important.

Second build I’m not too sure about. If you can make BoL work, go for it, but I’ve found that it’s not very consistent. For a more supportive set, Gravity with double tactic/hone cav/whatever buffing skills gives her good utility.

As for the boon, doesn’t matter too much. Maybe speed might be a bit better defensively. Her attack isn’t great without a lot of investment.

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If you want offensive go with Palm Staff+. It’s also supportive, but since its support effect is not reliant on attacking I find Dazzling is less important with Palm Staff than other staves. Absorb is best with both Dazzling and Wrathful, and Pain and those that inflict conditions Dazzling is typically the more important aspect.

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