What do you think the new refines will be

Post your ideas of what you think the new refines will be

Shit, shit, shit, and shit… none of them I care about so all will be shit


Armorsmash with some kind of stat boost thing for Tobin (meh but better)
Gray is a toss up for me but probably gonna be decentish
Olwen will get swift sparrow (the lazy refine)
Jagen… please not def tactic


IS: OK here’s Jagen with TA + Atk Tactics


Still waiting for that prf 16 Mt Sapphire Lance with Def Tactic.

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what you said

what I read


As much as i would hate this, i can see Jagen getting a Fury refine since he has Fury in his base kit.

Having said that, i no longer want Myrrh and Horse Chrom to get refines ever.


Considering how it’s been quite a while since IS has released TA prf weapons, I think it’s somewhat safe to say that Jagen won’t be getting one.

There’s actually quite a few options for him as far as base weapon and prf effect.

Slaying, Guard, Vanguard, Barrier, Lull, Sabotage, etc.

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What are you talking about… I didn’t say that… IS did

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Oh my God no I hate all of them.

Olwen, due to being a bladetome odd atk wave

Gray has horse slayer right? Null horse follow ups?

Tobin armor slayer + 4 def/res

Jagen will probably be def tatics to round out the cav tatics by my guess, i would prefer it be something crazy like i dunno lull atk/def but it would round out the tactics and weapon triangle we have with seth & titantia as their respective veteran cavs

And all of them have been on units that have Fury in their base kit: Eldigan, Hinata and Barst.

Don’t be surprised if he joins them.

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Uuuugh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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Barst doesn’t have Fury.

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His refine also isn’t Fury since it doesn’t boost his visible stats. His refine is the same as F!Delthea’s weapon, where he only gets the stats during combat.

What I want:

Tobin: armorsmasher, eff: 5 atk/def and guaranteed follow-up if number of allies > foes.
Gray: 11 Mt brave sword, eff: stury impact
Jagen: Sabotage atk/def lance, eff: distant ward
Olwen eff: attack twice if unit has a visible buff.

What we get:



No idea for Tobin and Gray outside of the effectiveness they come with :feh_legion:

A small offensive boost for Olwen like Swift Sparrow for example :feh_reinthink:

I really doubt Jagen will have a TA weapon. He doesn’t come with one and we haven’t gotten one in ages. I’m hoping for something that uses his great Res like either Selkie’s weapon :feh_flaynfish:

Make them anywhere near as good as the last batch and we got some great refines on our hands :feh_flaynsmile:


I think Tobin will have a armorsmasher + a spectrum buff if his max HP is superior to the ennemy

Gray I don’t know, maybe slaying + lull?

Jagen I hope It’s a stance/guard + distance ward effect

Olwen I don’t know but maybe something like SS or an effect like Tharja.

Are you f-ing Daft man you want to make a Brave-Blade unite


You want a Reinhardt that can reach over 100 Atk? :feh_lynstare:

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