What Do You Think Was More Surprising About Choose Your Legends 6?

  • Adult Tiki Winning The Females Division
  • Seliph Getting 2nd In The Males Division

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People have been wanting A!Tiki for a while now and with every new(Granted it’s been a while) Y!Alt of her people want A! more. Haven’t heard much on Seliph so for him to just appear in the top 5, let alone top 2, was pretty surprising.

Also there were quite a few people actively trying to boost TIki’s popularity at the start of the CYLs meanwhile the only thing I heard from Seliph was the sheer shock and excitement that he was as high of a rank as he was during the midterms. Heard lots of people then voting for him because he actually stood a chance.


I was expecting Byleth to be 1st and Adult Tiki to be 2nd, whatever it takes for Bernadetta to not win.


Even though I voted Adult Tiki, I’m surprised that the gap between her and Byleth was so big and that Byleth was that close to losing 2nd place.


Considering how starved we’ve been for an Adult Tiki alt, her winning is not surprising at all. So far, she’s just got her Summer alt, I believe; where Young Tiki has…like…six alts.


I was expecting Seliph to score high, but I didn’t expect him winning


I’m more surprised by Seliph getting 2nd

A!Tiki fans have been wanting an alt for a while so seeing her up so high didn’t surprise me too much. Also YTbers were rallying behind her too so seeing the vocal attention she was getting didn’t really make her being 1st seem unbelievable

Seliph however was definitely a surprise, and a good one at that, because Genealogy and Thracia (Seliph is mainly Genealogy but both fall into this category) are the forgettable Fire Emblem games outside of Japan because it’s rarely played from the amount of people I’ve talked to and the banners for these games don’t typically do well in terms of money spent for them and are usual the least likely to be rerun so, when I saw Seliph up that high, I was genuinely surprised and genuinely happy to see some rep for Genealogy


Tiki was no surprise at all, she was in a Alm 2.0 situation
I just hope they make Seliph ultra broken, considering the only good thing he got up until now is his weap refine (his legendary look is 10/10 but the unit is lacking)


His weapon refine?..Do you mean…OG Tyrfing Refine?

well ye ofc

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I voted for both Seliph and A!Tiki every year since I like them. So seeing A!Tiki as number 1 with Seliph in number 2 together was one of the best things I saw in FEH.

I know they’re both popular (Seliph moreso in Japan but FE4 has been growing in popularity) but seeing them win against Felix and F!Byleth/Bernadette rallies was really nice to see.

I know B!Tiki will be OP but B!Seliph better get his own OP stuff and respect he deserves. Good kid deserves it.


Agreed. :feh_seliphsmile:


Well considering this year’s most broken unit happened to be the one who got the fewest votes out of the four of them, anything could go…


I was expecting Abysskeeper to be #1

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I think the novelty ran out after Gatekeeper won, and Abysskeeper isn’t nearly as beloved

He still got a fairly significant amount of votes, though. People gotta meme, after all


I think Abysskeeper got 71st iirc


2 away from greatness


I’m surprised someone bothered to type out “Choose Your Legends”


Seliph. I’m overwhelmed in joy. Didn’t expect he would have loyal supporters enough to win a seat. Sigurd being in the top ten also shows there are people who still love older games dearly and it’s endearing.

However I’m really impressed that Bernadetta lost by only around a thousand votes or under. She was really close!

Adult Tiki winning is a fresh face among avatars battling for seat.


Honestly I am surprised someone bothered to point it out. CYL is earier, but some people prefer to put the full name. Plus any newbies might only know Choose Your Legends and be scratching their heads at CYL. Plus Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a thing too, I am sure there are those that are driven mad seeing the abbreviation used so much.