What do you think we'll get for Thanksgiving this year?

Since there’s so many banners coming up in the next couple months between Abigail, Ereshkigal, Hassan, Hokusai and more it’ll be important to spend wisely with so much going on. Especially with the release of Skadi later that year as well.

What about Thanksgiving though? What banner might we get for that?


My safe bet? The New Years banner minus the new Servant that’s part of the New Years Banner.

What I’d like? If they mashed together all the little Banners that JP had around this point in the game that we’ll never get (i.e. for things like Stage Shows, or Movies that have been out for years now for us, etc.) and threw them together as a Banner with maybe rotating SSRs from the Banners we’ll never get.

What I hope it isn’t? The GSSR come early. I’d that stay on New Years for the purely selfish reason of potentially being able to use Google Play cards from Christmas for this.

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People seem to think that Gilgamesh is coming for Thanksgiving instead of New Years, so that’s all I can think of.

There was a massive, justifiable uproar the first time they did that many months ago. Thereon all GSSRs have been at the standard time of Anni or NY (like, look here). I seriously would not worry about it, especially when we, as mentioned, simply got it on NY last NY.


Well the GSSR wasn’t here for last Thanksgiving.

It’d be safe enough to assume it wouldn’t be here either and while I wasn’t here for the previous Thanksgiving I hear people were pissed about that when it happened so I think they learned their lesson


I highly doubt they’d move the GSSR.

but they can give us an extra one

For the sake of Xmas farming, a lot of people are hoping we get Gil for Thanksgiving. But we got him not too long ago in May and his next rate-up is September…the New Year’s banner feels better for him.

Personally, I hope we get the Okita/Hijikata/Da Vinci/Amakusa and maybe someone from the upcoming New Year’s. (I’m banking on Shishou, since she’s hasn’t gotten a banner yet this year.)

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t delay Illya until Thanksgiving.

A turkey, that’s what we will get.


ok first
this shit is mega cursed

my guess
hijikata, gil, shishou, and maybe melt or moirarty

new yr will be 2 different servants like dis yr where we got kintoki and ishtar…
so prob eresh and someone else for ny


Gilgamesh, Meltryllis, Moriarty, Tamamo. Amakusa maybe

Leaving Hokusai and Musashi for NY

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I really hope you’re right on the latter bit. We can basically expect the new years rotating banner as last year, but we did miss quite a few special event banners this year and I’d really like to get to roll on those servants cough Hijikata cough (Please DW!)

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reskinned kyomaf banner, maybe


:crossed_fingers: for Gilgamesh!

Kinda sucks for me that Ishtar comes before Thanksgiving, if I knew there was no SSR archer available at Thanksgiving I’d roll for her.

I hope the Okita banner comes back, I want to roll for other Poster Girl.

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Assuming TG will start immediately after the re-run, you could wait until the last day and hope they’ll announce the TG line-up before her banner ends, so you can still roll for her if it turns out they’re leaving Gil on NY.

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A lot of banners in the next couple months, but at least in the perspective of clairvoyance, there is only one that really matters to me.

The rest is bait, very good bait, though bait nonetheless. :feh_myrrhno:


Oui be like : :hokusaiwink: :hokusaiwink: :hokusaiwink: :hokusaiwink: :hokusaiwink:


I’m hoping for Scathach so we can spend Christmas and NY together (farming feathers mostly).