What do you think will happen with this Easter's new banner?


Our 3rd Easter Banner is approaching.
Who do you think the units will be?
What will happen to the other two banners?
What are you hoping for/expecting from this banner?


Easter Bunny Yarne.


easter bunny tharja and aversa: thot edition


Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same…this is actually the first time we’d be getting a 3rd addition, considering there wasn’t a Valentine’s special when the game kicked off.

I mean, wouldn’t we all benefit? IS gets more money and we get the chance for the 1rst year ones…this would also mean I’d have a shot at getting more Charlotte merges. :heart:


They can’t release Aversa twice though


Also give me easter Gordin please


Done with bunnies.

Exam session Geneology




My unrealistic hope is that they let us choose who we want out of the year 1 spring units with neutral iv’s.


i would hope the S1 spring banner returns so that it is confirmed that LA roy is returning. the units i would like for the banner is Robin (m), ephraim and eirika, robin(f) with roy as the tempest trials reward and possibly a ghb of spring zephiel


I don’t think it’s an Easter Banner, maybe a Spring Banner with Flower Outfits? :thinking:
The Banner ends befor Easter begins.


All I want is Easter Sonya, Bridal/Easter Lute/Joshua. Maybe Genny with bunny ears?


What I Hope:
-1st They make an even with Tix so I can pull without to worry about saving.
-2nd I get one new “level 4” skill to fodder to my main team.
-3rd It isn’t FatesAwakening, I mean I love them but thats enough alts and i can fodder without hesitation

I am ready to:
Get nothing, and keep farming till “Nohr FCorrin” is a thing.


Honestly? I think they are gonna do fanservice, as well as Geneology/thracia776 since there are no alts. But yeah. Beast unit seasonals are a given


I honestly wish for a Libra or Lon´qu alt but since theyre from awakening it probably wont happen. An Alm alt would be pretty rad too tho.


Everyone: Character That Could Fit The Role Or Randoms That Could Be Funny

Me: I T ’ S A R M O R A L L O V E R A G A I N.


I hope its genealogy alts and nothing wrong with a little fan service if you ask me ;-)


Why wouldnt it happen? They are all about awakening


Yeah, Genealogy is really lacking on the seasonal alt front. Same for Echoes.


Lets just not get repeats. Hoping its as good as valentines but expecting garbage