What does a +1 Spring Leo’s stats look like?


I’m only asking, because I don’t think GP’s IV Caculater hasn’t been updated. I’m asking this for something later too.


@Impulse Is the GP IV Caculator ever gonna get updated? I’m pretty sure it isn’t.




I can’t really answer because I don’t have a +1 Leo and the unit builder hasn’t been updated in Naga knows how long.

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If I’m remembering correctly it goes something like this:

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He’s not showing up in the IV Calculator because he doesn’t have any IV’s. I believe that we haven’t ever put in IV neutral characters into that tool because it’s not meant to be a unit builder.


They’ve all been added I thought. Example below.


Err no idea why those are there actually. Maybe all of them got added in some update to it.


They’ve been there for a while. Because before I knew about the unit builder I would use that to see the stats at +10 and grail units were all in there. It confused me a bit tbh.


@Impulse I meant it hasn’t been updated in terms of how many more stats you get on your first merge. It is still only two stats. That is what I meant.


Use the arctic simulator


@RoyAhoy What?



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