What does "nerfed" mean?

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I’m very sorry to ask what is probably a dumb question, but what does it mean when a Pokemon’s move is “nerfed?” I have tried googling it and have had no luck whatsoever, and even the context in which I see it used makes it hard to tell if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

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To nerf a move or Pokemon is to make it less powerful.

It is also the opposite to “nothin’”

In gaming, it means to lessen, to make less good.

In case this can be useful: Urban Dictionary

Like @hkn said, making something less powerful is called a direct nerf (like lowering Blissey’s defensive stats).
An indirect nerf is making the other options stronger (like lowering the generalist’s power by upgrading the specialist’s).

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“Nerfing” is a general term used when something is made weaker or less usefull. Think of the Nerf brand of toys. Foam darts and swords that dont really hurt all that much compared to real swords and darts. Most cases of nerfing are seen as negative, but there are some rare cases where something is so overpowered it has to be nerfed to make competition more interesting and can be seen as positive

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