What does this Announcement mean?

I only Lvl Servants to 70-80 and leave their skills at 1/1/1 since i have been using Raikou since foerever.

So i thought about at least getting her to lvl 102.

JP has a higher tier of ember and qp dailies (5* embers). We will be getting them early, just don’t know when yet

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It means they will release the higher reward/difficulty dailies soon, probably 5th anni.

5 star embers (equiv to 27 4 star embers per run)
3-4mill QP per run dailies
70APD secret gems (non-Caster)
49APD monuments


I see.

Follow up Question: Are they that much more efficient AP wise?

Yes. Go compare the APD I just told you to the secret gem/monument APD atm. Non caster is 110-175APD for secret gems, monuments are ~78APD atm.

QP daily atm is 1-2.2mill.

Ember daily is 7-9 4 star embers.

All same AP cost per run.

And anni is half AP. About 200AP in 5th anni will level 1-90 thanks to 5x success rate.