What Elite FAST TM are you interested in?

I cant think of any Legacy Fast Moves on a pokemon that wold make me suddenly want it.

anyone have ay they want?

There’s Smack Down for Tyranitar, I can see people wanting that, even if it’s use in PVP is nonexistent. Maybe Counter for Alakazam as well but I haven’t heard a peep about that. Dragonite and Gengar both got some of their better moves added to their pool permanently…
Maybe Ice Shard for Lapras? For now Elite Fast TM’s seem pretty meh.

Rock Throw Omastar

yes but what is it good for?

Raids. I’ll be using one to Tank Reshiram soon.

Not a legacy move but if you don’t want to spend 30 FTMs on Mew and just get the move you want without getting Rock Smash or some Bug move over and over again then it’s worth it.

There’s a theory that Mew has some moves entered into the available list more than once which decreases the odds of getting something good like Shadow Claw.

Thundershock Zapdos has great matchups against Skarmory, grass-types, Registeel, Medicham, Toxicroak, Poliwrath and Azumarill.

I’m quite uncertain about buying it. It’s expensive… and… is it really necessary? All I can think of is either Dewgong or Seaking… and then you have to spend ECTM’s on them too. And then I’d probably not even use them lol

I’m afraid that if I decide not to buy it, a legendary gets a new fast move later on and I’d want that to give my high level legendary (that I already had) that move as well. Like Ho-Oh

Keep in mind that in order for RT/RS Omastar to function as a tank, Reshiram needs to have Fire Fang/Overheat. The other charge moves won’t be so kind to it. Even then, Pokebattler ranks it fairly low, as the 29th best counter (shadow RT/RS Omastar moves up to the 14th best counter).

That said, RT/RS Omastar does have pretty high nostalgic appeal, for anyone who’s been playing since the early days of the game and didn’t get one before those moves went legacy. Praise Lord Helix!

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All my legendaries are from research breakthroughs, and none of my three Zapdos are worth leveling past 15.
I do have two 100% Omastars, but I’m more ‘MEH’ about Rock Throw. But I do have a single, 97% Tyranitar (and none of my other Tyranitar have Smack Down), so that Tyranitar has been given my single Elite FTM and leveled up to 35.

Yes, it’s for atheistic purposes while maintaining decent tanking abilities. The other Pokemon I’ve been bringing in are Haxorus, Rampardos, Rhyperior, Rayquaza and Garchomp.