What events marked you the most?

The Fire Emblem
how it offers us tragic scenes and various events um best ways.
I will quote, dialogues, scenes and the like that marked me.

Unfortunately the older ones don’t have cool scenes. Due to technology.

Alerta Spoiler:

The most striking for me and I want a scene well done is the meeting of Sigurd with Arvis. Just dr imagine I’m delusional.

Zephiel being a good brother when he was little and also when he was kidnapped shows that he is not afraid of anything.

Dimitri Eater pricking an eagle gave both joy and sadness.

Old Athos talking to Bramimond and then saying goodbye talking about the prophecy.

Michalis meeting Minerva all wounded and delivering the tome of light.

Altena making a silly challenge to Arion not to follow the empire.

Lucina against Chrom at first I think the sword scene is cool. I understand you Sakurai.

Kris speaking to erase his name from history and dismissing without wanting to gain fame and merit.

Zephiel against Cecilia a One hit. You shouldn’t do that, my dear Bern boy. Cecilia is waifu.

I haven’t played yet but I saw the part where Shinon puts an arrow between the eyes of a thug who takes a small child hostage. There is no scene but a mention shows how relentless the guy is.

Hector talking to his brother. A dialogue that wiped a smile off my face.

Eliwood talking to Hector who won the most. But Hector changes the score.

Heath saying that women and children are out of the question of fighting.

Katarina crying as she remembered her friends talking to Kris. And the musical theme helps the player to cry together.

The scene that Emeryn leaves us.

Arvis showing that he did not want credit for future generations who had some good attitudes.

Julius killing Deidree.

Minerva telling Catria that she liked her pegasus but moved to Wyvern to show more strength and protect her kingdom.

Shamir jokes that he likes to beat up nobles.

More and more I am editing and adding.


I won’t spoil too much as you haven’t played it yet, but I always really liked shinon. He’s a pretty complex character that comes off as one note (and quite frankly, annoying), but getting to see his supports and dialogue with other characters really shows how human and flawed he is. Idk, he’s a bastard but I appreciate him for what it’s worth.


My problem with Shinon is that the bad never seems to outweigh the good. He isn’t like Soren, who’s crusty for a reason and rightly (or at least reasonably) distrusts people.

Shinon is just a complete ass to anyone who isn’t Rolf, and even to rolf he’s really abrasive at times. He has good chemistry with Gatrie, but that’s more because Gatrie will put up with literally anything.


Back on topic:

Reyson punching Oliver

Bartre and Karla’s first fight
Karla and Karel
Fir meeting Karel in FE6

Lyn’s past (sad and tragic. could be really emotionally powerful)

Jaffar and Nino vs. Sonia
Nino and Jaffar against the surviving Black Fang brother

Seth vs. Valter
Valter vs. Glenn

Sara vs. Manfroy

Olwen vs. :feh_rein:

Leif and Finn booking it

Ephraim capturing a castle with 3 dudes, and breaking a siege and escaping pursuit with 2 dudes. That was some pure and epic madness.

Dozla, L’Arachel, and Rennac

Brunnya’s death

Hector’s death

Leila vs. Jaffar

The absolute madness when you reject the easy way, and take on all of Fargus’s pirates.


Shinon is just fodder.

I have fixed it. xD


Marianne’s s support



Well tbh there’s a lot of supports that I thought were really nice, too many to list and too little I remember :feh_notlikethis:


The “betrayal” that Lyon made to Ephraim
And Ephraim raiding a freaking castle with just 3 other guys lol
Orson’s literal corpse bride
The reveal of Robin is Grima, a bit cliche nowadays but that still resonates
Arvis’ big BBQ party
Rhea becoming deranged in Crimson Flower, one of the few things that I liked in CF apart of marrying Hubert lol me loves goth guys I can’t help it it made me like her a lot
And lastly everything about Sephiran


Hmm let me think about some events that haven’t been mentioned yet:

4 - Pent soloing the enemies when we first meet him
3 - Joshua’s reunion with his dying mother
2 - Claude vs Nemesis
1 - Dimitri’s Journey (Best Lord :+1:t2:)

There’s more, I’m just to lazy to name them all :sweat_smile:


I remember the first time I played Sacred Stones and got to Ephraim’s first chapter, I said “Wait, we’re breaking into this heavily guarded castle with four dudes and no healer?! WTF?!”

I remember getting hit really hard when Lord Elbert died…

Lucina’s Judgement always gets me, especially since Robin was her mom when I played.

I played Silver Snow when I played 3H and Edelgard’s “I wanted to walk with you…” as Byleth strikes her down hurt

Also the Ferdinand vs. Hubert in the previous map and Ferdinand actually killed Hubert with a crit after their pre-battle exchange


There is quite a few moments for me but there’s no event that can top the way I felt when Elise died in Birthright. I actually started to cry a bit because that hurt so bad and Elise is one of my favorite Nohrian characters so watching her die hurt my soul


While there are many great moments, I’m gonna focus on just one because I talk a lot and can only afford one.

“I am not human. This body and heart are constructs. Yes, as is this sorrow.”

Nothing in the series bodied me as hard as that one line. You spend the entire game hearing about Morphs as creations of Nergal. They don’t have souls, they don’t even have quintessence to gather. They’re just inhuman constructs, and Limstella, as the most robotic of them barring Denning, is supposed to be the proof of that. For all the emotion that Sonia or Ephidel can show, it’s all meant to be taken as a deception.

But then Limstella drops that line, and suddenly you’re questioning all of that. She feels sorrow? But she also writes it off. Are they really emotionless, or is that just what people believe? And if you get the right supports, after this moment is when Canas and Renault have their B and A supports, where they discuss the philosophy behind souls and whether morphs are ensouled beings. It is an absolutely amazing way to punctuate the game’s background narrative.

I feel like Blazing Blade, and Elibe in general, have this running theme of empathy. The Scouring 1000 years ago still has scars on the present day, and is only truly ended when Roy reaches out to Idunn and tries to help fix the mistakes of the past. Eliwood and Ninian defy common knowledge to suggest that humans and dragons can coexist happily, even beyond the isolated Archadia. And the Morphs factor into this really well. They’re meant to be seen as inhuman, some other kind of being. But Limstella’s dying quote and Canas/Renault support turn that on its head, and you replay the game and find all the hints that there was so much more going on with them, especially with Limstella, and you can see how they were laying the groundwork for that entire theme.

Every living being has a soul. Every living being has a heart and a reason for living. It had so much impact for me and I love it.


when I played Gaiden the first time and Alm did his iconic shield throw finsiher on Duma, man that was ■■■■■■ awesome

having to kill Carlyle in SS, that man just wanted to protect his beloved queen god damnit…

Joshua killing Caellach in the absolute best way possible, opening with a Swordmaster crit followed by evading Caellachs attack into another Swordmaster crit, absolute pure gold

I would also say the entirety of Deen in SoV, but for events I would say Deen and Jesses A Support (if you can count that as a event)


Killing Jedah with Sonya always feels good. My heart breaking when I had to fight Selena and finding out I couldn’t recruit her with anyone. Crazy Rhea in CF and Tailtean Plains


Awakening being my first game and not having anything spoiled for me I’d have to say both the chapter and the one right after Emm dies.

I didn’t really look too much into stories or twists so I figured it was just going to be a typical “Kick ass and save the princess”(Or the exalt in this case) only for her to jump off the cliff. Plus being given a choice(Granted it didn’t matter) really made me worried before the jump and that I might actually ruin everything. This is also coming from someone who refuses to let any units die and cannot play on Casual, so to have the feeling that this important character is going to die if I don’t solve this left quite a mark… and that’s not even counting the chapter afterwards.

Otherwise something that really hit hard was in 3H on my first playthrough(Golden Deer). I recruited Dorothea because I thought it’d be really fitting to have her as a dancer so in the second half on the game I was really excited to have her back because I had heard some of the students needed to be recruited back and I really liked her(Actually ended up marrying her over Claude) and was my only dancer obviously…

But man, the battle on the bridge really hurt afterwards. I slaughtered the enemies with no problem and honestly with the BE going against the church I really didn’t care for the rest of the students so I put down Ferdie like the last 70 soldiers and went on no problem… At least until I later talked to Dorothea after the chapter, in which case I had to take a break because god damn that’s not what I signed up for when I play FE.

“The Great Bridge of Myrddin was considerably better fortified than it was five years ago…
The bridge was filled with soldiers… and they all died.
And Ferdie was there. We killed Ferdie, Professor, he used to be our friend. Do you remember those days?”

Really the only other scene that affected me(For FE) would have to be with the Fates’ children. Lot of characters in that game(I think all the fathers) just retreat so even if you lose a few units, ya know, they aren’t dead. Kids tho? Holy shit most of those quotes make me hurt even if I didn’t like the character. My favorite, or least, would have to be Soleil’s.

“Haha… I want to laugh as I die… So why can’t I stop crying?”

If I remember right the portrait used even has her smiling in her final moments. Fates does a lot of things shitty but that hurts more than anything else FE has thrown at me.

Also as a bonus, SoV and the three sisters. Casual kinda ruins the moment(Because it plays in both Casual and Classic) but when a unit dies and someone of close relation talks at the end of battle, there’s some seriously depressing moments in that. Est actually sounds like she’s having a mental breakdown if one of her sisters falls in battle. If I remember right, Deen essentially tells people to quit being a bitch…


Also because I’m now reading a bunch of quotes from Fates, Soleil’s especially:

I love milking cows! It’s good practice, heh heh!
—When spoken to at the dairy farm



like the badass he’s


Nothing beats Lucina trying to kill F!Robin when she’s her mom. Awakening may be as vanilla as Sacred Stones, but I’ll be damned if they don’t pull some heart wrenching familial bond convos. Especially Future’s Past. This is one of the few time travel device I like in fiction.


Azure Moon as a whole was really moving for me, but the scene in the rain where Dimitri asks Byleth what he should live for, and if he even deserves to live for himself, hit reeally close to home. :catcry:

The pacing could’ve been better, but it was really nice to see him actually making an effort to live for himself and become a better person after that. :fgo_ereshlove: Really inspiring, too.


These tears… Introduced me to Fire Emblem


“Don’t move, mother! I’ll make this as quick as I possibly can.”
“… I understand.”
“If it’s for your future, my dear, there is nothing I wouldn’t give.”
“Oh Gods, no… Mother, how could I…”

Not verbatim, but it’s something along that line of heart squeezing.