What, exactly, about Nagi will destroy Ophelia?

I’ve never seen an Ophelia at all that uses AoE specials because I’m bad at AR. It’s obvious this build is more optimal.

I even have the fodder to do this, just not the Ophelia.
My waifu prevails in all combat at least it I ever get her.
Res Smoke may or may not be overkill.

That’s because your Ophelia isn’t AoE Spamming.

Also, I think Nagi will end up with good res, anyway.


Dragon Fang is more prevalent in high tier AR because people have started to find AoE counters.
But AoE is much more common in lower tiers because it’s harder to stack visible Res.
So Nagi counters that. :thinking:


good res can’t save you from getting doubled by 80-something atk

That’s debateable

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Well her AoE specials, which are the reason she’s good, just won’t work on her
And she’s probably got high res, and she has triangle advantage


Last few chain challenges I’ve been using Ophelia with 3 dancers. Works out perfectly :slight_smile:

Ophelia is +speed, -defense, +0, 0 DF. Special spiral and blazing light, life & death 3, and whatever default C she has. She takes 1 hit , and the dancers fly in and she clears the team. I don’t use this in AR as I need to use bonus units and Mythics, nor is she on my defense team. Just have her for fun stuff like that. I’m guessing I cannot do this on next set as Nagi won’t take any damage from her. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. It was great killing B! Miciah using this strat. Hit her friends and she’s also in range of the AoE, then dance and hit her.

AoE specials are bad for anyone. Again, high Res won’t save you from getting doubled by 80+ Atk but maybe a triangle advantage will, dammit

Try flexing when you actually get one :feh_corrinmug:


shes got 41 res and is green

dragon fang wont stop her either


She does. I think she’ll has base 41, from the Nintendo Tips and Tricks video I saw.

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Armored. 41 Base Res. You can’t get around the res by using an AoE special which is the speciality of Ophelia.

The reply was made before we knew stats.

did you not see the OG post? yeah, dragon fang is such a good AoE special.

Honestly, I think Ophelia would mostly maim her and the rest is dependent on whether or not Nagi would one-shot her on retaliation. I’m only saying it because TA. It isn’t the worst matchup for Nagi either because she’d retaliate with Sol using her base kit. I’m more confident of this than Nagi being one-shot only because of TA. If this were… say, a Lilina, then yeah, I think she could outright die.

I did see it very well. And let’s be honnest how many Ophelia running anything else than an AoE special did you encounter in AR or Tier 21 of the Arena, pretty sure the awnser is none. So yes, she is a counter to Ophelia in her general use. Yeah you can maybe get over that res with Dragon Fang and so much attack, but if you play with a +10 Ophelia you’ll encounter a +10 Nagi for sure. Anyway, nice name

implying I didn’t have a hard time even getting to t15 for the brave Ike because I have no offensive mythics and hate arena respectively

Personally, I find that you only need a bonus unit for both to reach the the tiers before things start getting hard. Probably Tier 18 for both modes.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Please!!

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You’re fine.

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