What FE characters do you hope/expect to see?

I personally wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the Three Houses lords, Fates/Awakening characters, or Eir. However, I would like to see Bow Lyn or some other FE7 character get in.


Probably Lyn

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Like the first event, I’d remind people that it is an FEH collab. We got Marth because he’s so iconic of Fire Emblem, but everyone else was an FEH original.
I’d expect one old lord at most, likely one recognizable (IE ‘from Smash’), and the rest from FEH itself.

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I really do think that they are gonna put Lyn in, she will probs be wind which isn’t yet seen in the crossover and she will be either blade due to sol katti or bow, I’d like her to be blade however with other wind blade competition she may struggle and I would hate for such a good character to be wasted so I kinda hope she is a bow, and they may put in tiki for a dragon, which I’m not sure how I would feel about that.

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Well RIP Dragons
And RIP Pulls

No mention of summonable Dragons, and they’re splitting the event into two focuses

Oh I didn’t see that and I’m glad about it however I do hope they have at least 2 adventurers from the normal Fe series tho