What feature do you think should be added to the game to make it better

Well I am sure that a lot of you have thought about somethings that would give better gaming experience so out of curiosity I want to hear your thoughts

For me I think they should have added a PvP to the game with good rewards plus they should add a feature during battle that if there is two close servants like einkidu and Gil they do a partner hit as extra attack for either of them

One of the reasons why I like FGO is the lack of PvP :feh_legion:

The first one I can think of on the top of my head is to add a way to bind your account with an email or something so it’ll be less of a hassle to recover a lost account.


Without a doubt. As a former FEH refugee, I am so glad it’s not part of the game.

As for me, there’s many, many things I’d suggest, but since Rationale mentioned better account recovery, I’ll go ahead and bring up what I always complain about in the lack of a proper support selection screen. Please just either provide all of our friends from our list or let us set a constant few so I don’t have to update list over and “You cannot update the list in quick succession” and over and “You cannot update the list in quick succession” and etc.


A gacha pity system


A trading system for mats.
And a TON of servant customization and costumes


Finally, I can complain about the lack of NP Skip Animation button

This. Before I played FGO, I thought it was commonplace for gacha games to have the “guaranteed” 4-5 star after rolling so many times, even if it’s banner-based. I can’t complain with how my luck has been the past couple of months bathing in gold cards, but a lot of people spending literally thousands of SQ without a single gold servant is incredibly depressing.


For it to stop lagging for no apparent reason on my iPhone 11.

Working with iOS 13, my ass.

…and yes, a gacha pity system that doesn’t reward only the most hardcore of whaling would be nice.


Going to just second this. That lack of a PVP system is one reason utter nonsense like Merlin/etc. is allowed to exist, and I like my nonsense for starters, lol.

And this.


I want voice lines on the home screen.


seconding the customization on servants. more costume and more units getting one, if they refuse to make summer male servants atleast they should do that.


I wish there was some way to communicate with my friends. Maybe ask them which servants they’d like in my support list, or something.


+1. The tiny message window isn’t nearly enough.

Also, the ability to access friends’ alternative support loadouts would be pretty neat. I feel like we need more places for our Servants.

  • Beginner’s Guaranteed SSR + SR (from the general pool) + 2 R Tickets

  • Increased Banner chances for 1 ten roll after 100 rolls (pity system)

  • Equivalent trade system for gems, bronze, silver and gold mats of choice (Even just as an event)

  • Grail crafting system (both premium and non-premium currency options)

  • NP Skip

  • Player Servant Trading System (maybe *only available once a servant is NP5’d)

  • Player Material Trade System

  • Grail Extraction

  • Daily random QP box login reward

  • At least 3 methods of account security mechanisms

  • At least 3 All support slots (So that I can place the 4 casters once I get them all, if I get them all :kissing: And also for the lack of extra classes)

  • Excess AP storage

*Just things that pop off my head. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think there should be trading servants between any players at all


That’s why that’s just a maybe. I was probably thinking this should only be available once you NP5 a servant.

Also, spooks are a waste getting burned when someone else wants them.


When picking a support, I’d like the “all” slot servants to be included in the appropriate class-specific list as well. The “all” slot can remain separate if folks feel like it’s to show your favorites, but I hate having to check the class I want and “all” every time.

A mailbox/roll history like Magia Record. I like the idea of its pity system as well (it got me a Nanoha after all :slight_smile:) but you do pay for it there with just a 0.6% solo rate-up chance (and no guarantee the pity servant is a banner servant.

Alphabetical sorting of CEs/servants/friends.

Event CE filters on friends list as well as 2nd archive.

Just want to point something out, here. I notice a lot of people are suggesting systems to trade resources, or make farming more efficient, or recover expendable items. Bear in mind that these systems would actually cause you to spend less time on the game, which sounds like a good thing, but can really end up being damaging in the long run. FGO doesn’t have an endgame, farming and raising units is literally 90% of the game. If the devs wanted farming to be more efficient, they’d just increase drop rates or provide more resources in event shops.

All I am saying is to not wish the game away in the name of efficiency.

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Filtering CE by effects is also pretty nice

Something like " if already friends both can access to all support presets?"

Yeah, this is why I’m suggesting this only as an event.