What feature do you think should be added to the game to make it better

At this point trading servants/mats is more of a thought exercise than an actual mechanic.

Yes, exactly that. I don’t imagine it ever happening, but it would nice to be able to field more than one (or two, if All is considered) useful Servant of each class for friends to choose from.

I did propose this but only with friends and limits of 10 units for week/month


Seems simple & with a simple logic that’s why this Will Never Happen.

I specialize my support with only ST servants so i could use 3 presets for art buster quick with proper support on caster slot.
This way i could Also share more love for other servants.
Too nice to be reality

Sigh. That depressing amount of bronze mat requirement was the root of this idea. What use do I have for the 100+ chains when I’m starving for proofs, bones, dust and needles?

I’d like buffing to happen faster for characters who need it. Maybe prioritization… Sanson

Bug Fixes and certain feature updates I think should immediately transfer to NA rather than have to wait. Idk why you’d have to wait 2 years for a bug fix or the 11th roll thing. Won’t really spoil the game for us.

Male welfare pls (but ty for Nightingale)

Just had a thought for fun… have an option to start a daily/FQ with a random friend support and random lineup for double rewards. Maybe only pick servants at final ascension/max level. You could reorder them for front/backline, but the battle is committed from an AP standpoint.

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Give me the jp updates please

  • Make past events with welfares permanently available after their rerun (no rare prism cost crap).
  • Allow a free weekly or monthly roll on the story banner (I’m pretty sure that thing collects dust in most accounts).
  • Banners for gacha CEs (reeee need more kaleido and black grails).

That’s very interesting ideas you all have

It’s like you have summarized what everyone wants and everything wrong with this game

Most of them are covered so i Just say these
-no pvp. In fact anything that broke the balance between players is a Hard no for me. So no trade, no buy a pack for mats, qp, etc.
You May be whale dolphin f2p ex luck f luck but we are all in the qp mat hell one way or another.
-no jp update. No merge Servers. The pace is Just right. Not everyone have the same time. Sometimes it irrates me to wait for a certain banner, event etc. (kuro walfare cant come here sooner) but i must admit i wouldnt catch it up if it were faster And it would be boring if it would be slower.

I May edit for what i want later but now these are my absolute no

Just record a macro script and loop it until you’re satisfied. I started doing it with QP, and I’m making so much more QP with little effort.

Honestly just being able to swap ce’s of servants would be great. it takes so much buttons for such a simple task.

I’ll start with your post since it was declared the answer.

  • I don’t think guaranteed SSR is needed, and as far as Rare tickets that wouldn’t be a problem if they just made Limited 3 stars not a thing. No idea why they started making 3 stars limited after story-locked was already troublesome. Though at least you can get them after their event is done by them being featured in other event banners like what they’ve started to do with summer servants as well.

  • I guess a pity system makes sense, though I don’t think many people go that many rolls without getting anything decent. Could just be my experience though, I don’t know.

  • Not really into the trading ideas since that could be abused with multiple accounts and I’m not the sort to do multiple accounts for this kind of game, events are already tight on time enough. Material trading sounds decent, though the ticket system is kind of a lite version of that already.

  • What do you mean by Grail extraction? Do you perhaps mean removing a grail from a servant, and if so, why would you do that? I’m pretty sure the game informs you of the significance of grailing, and if you’re suggesting a grail crafting system then would you really need a way to remove grails?

  • I agree with the All support slots, though for the reasoning of there being more Extra classes now and only being able to feature a max of 2 (by giving up the All slot) of the 5 Extra Classes (not counting Mash since she’s likely always going to be the only Shielder). Considering there are 7 main classes, 5 more classes is pretty significant for limiting all to one category.

The other things you mentioned I agree with, so I’ll move on to other posts.

  • I agree PVP is a bad idea for this kind of game, that’ll encourage powercreep in a game that’s been pretty good for avoiding that (yes, several of the older servants need fixing, but I see that more as them figuring out how to design servants in the game, and they have ways to adjust them). Though on that topic, more strengthenings and animation updates would be appreciated to get all the servants on roughly the same level of polish.

  • I also agree with adding more outfits, there are some used in the story and others from the Fate series that would be a nice touch. Would also be nice for certain characters that lack proper clothes (ribbons don’t count as clothes in my opinion, they’re accessories at best).

  • I certainly agree with making events available after the rerun is over, at least some of them are canon in the story from what we’ve seen in the final singularity, and it would be unfortunate for people to miss out on characters entirely due to not being around at a certain time. They’d need to change the lottery/mission/shop system to a more regular progress reward system for the permanent version so that it’s more like a story section (otherwise people would farm lotteries forever). Also having CQs like from Nero Fest around permanently would be fun for people to test teams on.

  • That idea for a free roll on the story banner is interesting. I do think that they need a way to encourage the story banner aside from Story-Locked servants, as people often just wait for a rate-up anyway for those. I guess that would be a decent solution, either as a time-based thing or for each completed story part (since the story goes on as if after each story part more servants join your roster due to their involvement in the story).

  • Something I think would be interesting would be certain quests where your team is entirely chosen from support, that would be a fun and interesting way to use the friend system and try out other servants (this is partially inspired by something in FEH, though that setup is PVP whereas this would be against enemies, either as part of an event or as an add on to the Chaldea dailies, though in the latter case that would bring the dilemma of what would the quest rewards be?).

(Edit) Wow, that was longer than I thought it’d be. :eyes: Sorry for the wall of text.

This was me also thinking from the perspective of DW. It would incentivise spending which is for the developers while also putting more value for the money of the players who can’t help but spend and rewarding those who save for specific servants. Its just a modest suggestion that I think could be better.

This is a one or the other scenario. If one can’t be implemented, the other will do. I still prefer crafting for grails though, as more is always better. Sorry for not being clear.

Yeah, strongly agree. No compromise for me here.

A third rerun is overdose and will stagnate the game. Meanwhile, adding them permanently would be no different than adding singularities and they would stop being events. And yeah, implementing the shops is simply problematic. I think it would just be better if they implemented a system where you could get the welfare servants and their ascension mats and the event CEs. Maybe a crafting system or a shop system using quartz/mats/mana prisms. No to rare prisms.

Personally, I missed Nobu, Santa Saber Alter and Caster Liz. This would be a plus for me if not for the issues they could cause.

This isn’t my suggestion. I just read somewhere that they should implement a rotating banner exclusive to the story locked servants in the story summon to give it more value. Maybe this could be implemented on a daily basis for the first week of each month like the current thanksgiving banner but featuring story servants per singularity.

They should just implement more kinds of weekly quests as an incentive for more playtime. I was thinking that aside from the quartz fragments, they could also implement mat quests. In exchange, they should permanently half the AP requirement for the current dailes to give more leeway for these quests.

Haha. Sorry for the long post. These were just my thoughts. As for your other points, I agree with them or have no issue with them. :v:

If we are dreaming, why not take it up another notch?

  • I would like guaranteed drops; for example, 5 AP node with guaranteed Bone [bronze mat], a 40 AP node with a guaranteed Gear [silver mat] or a 160 AP node with guaranteed Heart [gold mat]. We still have a choice of farming lower AP nodes with no drop guaranteed; or take the safe route.

  • A button to choose any Servant/CE that my friend have.

I wont dream too high, just maybe some improve already ingame feature.

  • Half AP quest -> Double drop, quarter AP -> Half AP + Double drop

  • Craft material from lower or higher tier material

  • Auto select for Enhance, Auto enhance from FP summon

  • Auto pick face card( AI select most likely chained, NP didn’t count, for pseudo Auto battle)

  • Setting for default CE of a servant

  • Switch map display of their mats

A slight limited “overcharge bar”, in 2 ways.

1 - Gameplay - servants NP1 should be able to slightly charge or entirely charge above 100% but not be able to use overcharge (IT BARELY MATTERS in most circumstances) this is aid those with NP drain (Archuria) or as a slight defence against NP drain. Mainly quality of life, “KINDA” ■■■■■■■■ that for some servants you cant use an NP drain ability because you only got NP 1. This only really effects a few servants.

Second is not gameplay, but there should be some sort of semi-overcharge on the AP bar, for health… I still dont miss any AP whatsoever but i will admit that it is probably not a good thing, i might aswell have blackholes for eyes SLEEEEP. The “AP overcharge” should be one time (per day) so that it is not just a “longer” AP bar and have a limit. Might be i just need to manage time but idk…