What free 4* will you chose later this year?

I know it is a while away but I was interested in hearing what free 4* everyone will choose later this year and why?

Here is a Picture of all available servants.


Currently, probably either Heracles or Saber Lancelot. But I could also get NP2 for Rama or Ibaraki. Or go for something completely different like Gorgon or Avenger of Shinjuku (though I usually use Berserkers against Rulers and Avengers).

Still can’t decide between Penthesilea or Ana
but I might go for NP2 Nero potentially, especially learnign she got an amazing skill upgrade

Which only work near water and city

After some deliberation with myself, I’ll go wth CasGil if I don’t get another support until then

I think I’m gonna pick CasGil. Merlin is great, but having an Arts support for Saberlot or Chloe would be excellent. If, by some miracle, he spooks me earlier, then I guess I’m getting Herc. If a miracle of miracles happens, and they BOTH spook me earlier (is it even possible? ^^’), then there’s always Emo Knight Tristan. Or NP4ing Saberlot.

Salter or Lalter. I follow the path of Alters.


Stheno. No, jk. Maybe CasGil or one of the AoE Sabers. If I manage to get both in one of my gachas, I guess I’ll go with Heracles.

Either Lancer Medusa or Medea Lily.

I like Medusa more but Medea is a story locked character and I will have a chance during the Ereshikgal banner to get Medusa again (as well as during the 9/6 million DL banner).

So probably Medea Lily. Probably…even if she isn’t best snek…

i’m going gorgon cuz she’s story locked with few rate ups. and medusa, minus her loli form she prefers cuz she considers her sisters the epitome of beauty, is one of my waifus… though she’s under the salters, and scathach.

another 3 i woulda chosen were penthesilea, nyanyan, or casgil, but they could spook me any time.

i also would have gone salter to increase her np, but she gets rate ups with merlin and sakura (who i’ll roll for) later in the year, and again for heaven’s feel movie releases.

same with lalter. she gets a rate up with merlin as well.

i have both salter and lalter at np2, thanks valentines and shinjuku, so i’m fine with them there if i end up not getting spooked by them when rolling for merlin or sakura.

lalter. Besides Cu-proto my lancer lineup is poor.

Tristan, most likely. Can’t have enough servants with Harp of Healing.

Depends. If I get another Astolfo copy, d’Eon. If I get both Astolfo and d’Eon, probably Gorgon.
If I somehow get all three, then I’ll pick Stheno for memes.

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Lancer Alter on my main account cause Waifu.
Caster Gil on my second account cause arts teams are life.

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Depends on what I manage to get during my rolls later haha. But assuming I get everything new I’m saving up for, probably Rhyme. Then Kerry, to start getting him to NP5.

Ibaraki, Nero, Nitocris, Li Shuwen or Atalante

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Certainly depends on what happens between now and then. But at this point I’m leaning to Nitocris. For this sort of thing I do want to get someone new. She was really a likable part of Camelot and is effective at what she does. There are plenty of good options though.

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Leaving out gameplay reasons…

:fgo_jeannu:Too many waifus too choose from and not enough tickets

cas gil to go with my np4 saberlot and tamamo

I’m leaning towards CasGil, if he spooks before, then I’ll do a roulette between story locked servants