What fun units are there to build?

I have around 500k feathers and I was wondering what 4 star units (to promote to 5 star) are the most fun to build. The reason I am asking is because I have never played any of the other fire emblem games, so I don’t necessarily have a favourite unit. So if you could give me some ideas that would be very helpful, thank you!!!


Fun is subjective, but I would have to recommend steering clear of using Armors if you don’t have armored march or good movement options. I find Robin or boey fun due to their weird higher physical bulk compared to their magic bulk. Laslow looks like a very fun unit to use, but I don’t have him.


Robin is pretty good. Very “jack of all trades.” Well rounded stats and some decent support capabilities. They really are a bit of everything.


I find Laslow a ton of fun.
Killing the enemy with Vantage before they can even attack feels great and I personally enjoy setting up the weapon :feh_legion:


He’s basically a poor man’s Altina now.


Doubled wrath Barst sounds wicked :feh_special:. Cheap and easy to find…


Arden? Death Knight? W!Cecilia?

Astram, Cormag, Echidna, or maybe Kronya?

an armored unit thats an absolute UNIT of a unit, literally unkillable xd

to me i just enjoy watching people struggle to take out units and armored units do the job pretty well

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I suggest the GREATEST UNITS.

Those being Narcian, Wrys and Oliver :feh_bigbeauty:.

MERGE THOSE BAD BOIS AND SHOW NO MERCY (even though I don’t know how you build them :catroll:)


Fun is subjective. You got a favourite mv type? Mine is flyers. Caeda is my favourite unit to use with Catria in 3rd (L!Lucina is too hard to get).

OG Marth is cool too as a physical tank and a support unit, but that’s hella bias. Personally I’ll say Caeda


Im not qualified to answer these type of questions anymore. :feh_rein:

Kempf :fgo_rinlaugh:


Oboro and Setsuna are pretty fun

I guess it varies on what play style you enjoy the most. For example:

Do you enjoy hearing that tink sound for taking no damage, then beef up with armour units and ward armour stacking. I imagine units like Effie, Zephiel, Sheena are decent options for that.

But perhaps you like rapidly overwhelming opponents with sheer force. Cavalry may be the way for you. Unit like Reinhardt are made for this.

Or maybe you prefer the movement shenanigans of fliers, where you can have much more freedom on where your allies can move. Most flier are good for this (with flier formation), but units like Est, Catria and Palla are particularly good. A flying dancer can add extra shenanigans.

Just pick out a play style you may find fun, and then research into units and builds that fit said play style. Naturally, certain play styles are better in different modes, but if you’re just wanting to have fun, it doesn’t matter as much.


You started off your statement exactly like mine.

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Might I suggest Henry as one of the best low rarity tanks in game?


Tharja, versatile and best close counter vantage mage Imao.

Fun is definitely subjective, but I’d like to try at some relatively objective aspects of it.

  • Fits you. Temperament, personality, for example, it was never like me to sit around with a bunch of enemy phase units except in Relay Defense back when they tried to make that a thing. When they first released it, it was close to impossible to beat the high difficulties with anything besides a stalling strategy. But for anything else, it’s really against my nature to sit around waiting for opponents to suicide into my units. So even when I merged Nowi and Fae, I went +spd to make some player phase potential. (Also, I like to play for value, and flat statlines gain the most from merges, so that’s another reason why I chose those two)
  • Risk. Different people have different levels of risk tolerance, but I suspect you’ll find more fun in playing near the maximum of risk you can accept. Make yourself a little uncomfortable, even, but maybe not too much.
  • Challenge. For example, I tended to prefer fast units even back when bold fighter had no counter except to one-round them before they could use it, i.e. attack them instead of letting them use the bold fighter they brought. Fast units tend to have bulk issues, which can turn into decivie problems anytime I was outnumbered (ex: AR, LHB, MHB) so it tends to lead to double-edged play requiring precalculation and precision. I liked that about galeforce strategies in AR, that I had to calculate out in advance and come up with my can-opener idea during the theorycraft stage of the strategy. So it would make sense for me to merge units that fit into these challenging playstyles such as Peri and original Eliwood, or making fast units tanky like Tharja.
  • Options, which translates into room for creativity. In general, I find that infantry have more toys which give them more ways to abuse their stats, especially extra stats from merges, plus they have higher BST to begin with. These toys tend to mean that infantry units can do more different things, which can be more fun. But then there’s stuff like Laslow prf which enables him to perform a wide range of different roles (you can even go +res, dual fortress, and sabotage and use him as a stat bot) sometimes simultaneously. And sometimes it’s the statline which enables units to do different things (ex: sturdy impact is interesting on Shigure, or at least was back when I played). If you like units which can do a variety of different things, avoid units that have really low atk (Henry is maybe the textbook example. Felicia also has problems, and Fir is a bit dependent on her prf) and be cautious with units with low spd, especially if they’re infantry. (Armours have fighter skills; cavalry has hones; fliers stack goads, but infantry is relatively hard to buff.)

Like everyone else has said, it depends on what you like :thinking:
Vantage can be a very fun strategy, but it typically requires DC/CC so the unit can counter every enemy.
There’s also just tanking everything on enemy phase, high offense mages, and Galeforce :feh_arthurthink:

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